Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 8 Post Game Vikings vs. Packers

My purple depression just won't go away! It was a devastating loss on Sunday night vs our hated rivalry Green Bay Packers. We are looking worse and worse as the season goes on. We can't stop anyone and we can't be productive on offense. We got embarrassed again and lost 44-31 to the Pack. We had opportunities to be competitive and kept shooting ourselves in the foot. 

Our defense is one of the worst in the league and once again couldn't stop the opponents offense. We lack pressure, tackling and coverage. Our front four had underperformed again and let Aaron Rodgers do whatever he wanted behind the line. Our corners and secondary couldn't tackle and couldn't cover on every play. We let the Packers score on every drive and never forced them into a punt, which is awful. That is embarrassing! Again the only player who shined again was Erin Henderson. He plays with emotion and gets after the ball well.

Our offense again couldn't get any rythem with Christian Ponder under center. Ponder and Jennings couldn't stay on the same page and Ponder struggled to find open receivers and looked horrible under pressure. Adrian never had a chance to be productive again due to falling behind and lack of blocking. 

Our Special teams looked good early after Cordarrelle Patterson returned another kickoff for a touchdown. The Packers opened up the game after they returned a punt for a touchdown and that was the ball game which put this game out of reach.

It's been a tough 7 games as we now fall to 1-6. We know Ponder isn't the answer again and will probably look for Freeman to step back in as our Quarterback going forward. Our schemes, play calls and coaching has not been impressive, but the lack of effort has been the most disappointing. We gave up over 180 yards on the ground and let the Packers control the entire game. We must move forward and fix all of our issues fast, it looks like it could be a long season. Vikings Nation stay strong and our Vikings need our support.

Next Opponent
Dallas Cowboys 4-4

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week 8 Preview Vikings vs. Packers

It doesn't get much better than this!!! Vikings vs. Packers at Mall of America Field. Green Bay, Minnesota fans and NFL experts don't think we stand a chance against the Pack. Hold on because I may not be an expert and a homer but history has shown we have a chance at the upset. Will it happen? I don't know, but I think we have a shot because of a few reason. Number one reason is that it's a rivalry game within the division, these teams know each other very well. Number two it's a home game, yes we haven't played good at home as of late but history shows we have had success at home. Number three the Packers are just as injured as we are, Finley out, James Jones doubtful, Clay Mathews out and much more. Number four Christian Ponder and the Vikings beat the Packers last season to get into the Playoffs. Lastly, number five Adrian Peterson has had huge games against the Packers.

The Vikings and Packers have faced each other 105 times. Green Bay holds a 55-49-1 series lead.

Viktor Stars
-Adrian Peterson will have success against a good run stopping team and will keep us in the game. Look for Frazier and Musgrave to give the ball often to AP.

-Jared Allen will play with a chip on his shoulder and will pressure Aaron Rodgers often. He should have a couple sacks and will create a turnover.

-Erin Henderson has improved and had a great week last Monday night stopping the run. He should have another great game and have many opportunities to stop Runningback Eddie Lacy.

Packers Stars
- Aaron Rodgers will have plenty of opportunities to make big plays down the field against our struggling cornerbacks.

-Jordy Nelson will be targeted frequently and should be productive.

-Eddie Lacy will have 20 plus carries and will have a fee chances in the red zone to score.

The Vikings need to capitalize on the Packers miscues and we will have a chance to win this game. Christian Ponder must eliminate mistakes and be successful on picking up third downs. We must minimize big plays and play tough defense up front. I have faith that we can win this game Vikings fans!!! Skol Vikings!!! Owwwwwwwwww!!!

Vikings 27 Packers 24
Line: Packers -9.5

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 7 Post Game Vikings vs. Giants

Wow, wow, wow!!! Did I say wow? 

We got embarrassed on Monday Night Football on National television. I'm not embarrassed because lost to a Giants team that was 0-6, it's because we looked pathetic! We were out coached again, out hustled and out played by a bad team. Everything went wrong last night! We couldn't run, we couldn't block, we couldn't pass, we couldn't hold onto the ball, we couldn't catch, we couldn't tackle and we couldn't hit field goals!!! That was by far the worst game I have ever seen us play. 

I'm so frustrated with this coaching staff. We started the game with a bad coaching decision and that was we won the coin toss, deferred and let New York start with the ball on Offense. We haven't played well enough on defense to make that decision. Why would you make that decision? The coaching staff also called similar play calls on two third down plays. Then we punted the ball on the Giants 35 yard line! The result was a net 15 yards after the ball was punted in the end zone for a touchback. Frazier needs to be fired! Musgrave should be next! Alan Williams should be next! Our coaching staff is boring and haven't shown any progression and are regressing.

Let me try to evaluate Josh Freeman on his first start. Josh at times looked comfortable under pressure, but then made some poor decisions as the game went on. He was pressured often and when he did have little time over threw receivers constantly. I wasn't expecting Freeman to have a fantastic game based on the situation, but he didn't do much in the situation. Can't blame just Josh, no protection and little time to create chemistry with receivers. I'm not going to panic with Josh Freeman, he is our best option at Quarterback and hope he can get better each week. I don't want to hear people wanting Ponder to start! Remember when people wanted Ponder benched for Cassel? 

Our running game wasn't good and lot of that is due to 9 guys in the box and our lack of run blocking. Our offensive line is so bad. It's not Adrian's fault he is getting hit behind the line of scrimmage constantly.

Our defense once again couldn't make plays. We had two dropped interceptions, our cornerbacks were burned and couldn't defend a pass. The one individual that looked good was Linebacker Erin Henderson who had 12 tackles and a sack. 

Our Special teams lost two fumbles and hurt any chance we had to stay in this game.

We are now 1-5 and have so many holes and things to fix on Offense, Defense and Special teams. This team is heading in the wrong direction and our veterans need to step up and take charge. We know our coaches aren't capable! Vikings fans it's not easy losing, it sucks but be a fan and support the Vikings during this time. If you want to jump off the bandwagon do it, but I don't want to hear you when we are successful again. It's football people, can't always be on top. BleedPurpleYearInYearOut!!! 

Next Opponent
Vikings (1-5) vs. Packers (4-2)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Week 7 Preview Vikings vs. Giants

We travel to New York and face an 0-6 Giants team on Monday night. After starting 1-4 we have struggled on Offense and Defense and hope our new starting Quarterback Josh Freeman can give us the spark we need to find another victory. This game isn't an easy matchup even though the Giants are winless.

Viktor Stars
-Josh Freeman will have the start under center and will try to get this Offense kicking. Look for Freeman to take some shots deep and try to create some chemistry on short routes. Don't expect Josh to be our savior, he hasn't had much time to learn the play book and repetition with his receivers.

-Adrian Peterson needs to have a big game to give us a shot to get another win under out belt. He should see 20 plus carries against a poor defensive front. Look for Adrian to spring a couple nice runs and have over 100 yards on the ground.

-Kyle Rudolph is a big target who can help Freeman feel comfortable in this Offense. Josh should look for Kyle often and should find the end zone again this week.

Giants Stars
-Eli Manning has struggled this year but will have a field day against our poor secondary. Look for Eli to spread the ball and be very successful in doing so. He may have 400 plus yards in the air. He should be licking his chops going into Monday night.

-Victor Cruz has had a productive year and will have 10 plus targets, he is an elite receiver who runs great routes and makes big plays. Cruz is going to salsa dance all day.

-Brandon Jacobs will be effective because of the success the Giants will have in the passing game. He should have back to back multiple touchdown games.

Overall the Giants will come out with a victory due to the lack of our defense. This game will be high scoring and will come down to the last possession. We must eliminate turnovers on Offense to give us a shot to win. The loss of Harrison Smith in our secondary doesn't help, but I am excited to see how Josh Freeman does on such a short notice.

Vikings 27- Giants 34
Line: Giants -3.5

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 6 Postgame Vikings vs. Panthers

Wow!!! Words can't even explain how bad we played on Sunday, but I will do my best to explain what happened. 

What happend? We got shell shocked by not Michaelangelo, but by Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers 35-10. Let's first talk about out defense that couldn't tackle, defend a pass or pressure the QB. Why can't we defend a pass? We need to stop playing zone defense for one and start playing more man coverage. Josh Robinson looks miserable, he is getting picked on and cannot make a play. Our secondary is so bad and has to be one of the worst in the NFL at this moment. We couldn't pressure Cam and he scrambled and threw the ball well as he went 20-26 with 242 yards 3 TD's, 0 Int's and had 30 yards rushing with a score. We let up 131 yards on the ground total. Overall our defense looks horrific and we are getting picked apart. Who's fault is it? Do you blame Alan Williams the defensive coordinator? Joe Woods defensive backs coach? Or is it Leslie Frazier? I say it's D All the above.

Offensively we looked just as bad as the defense. We couldn't run block, pass block, our Quarterback play was brutal and our receivers dropped passes and couldn't get open. Did I mention our play calling was conservative and we didn't execute at all! We found out Matt Cassel isn't the answer as he made some bad throws which sailed over receivers heads into defenders hands. All the Ponder haters who wanted Matt Cassel because he was the answer were wrong. Is it the Quarterbacks fault we lost? Not all the blame should go on Cassel because he didn't get any pass protection and because of that had to make some poor throws. Why is our offensive line so bad? What happened to a line that was progressing last season? 

To be honest, I don't know who to blame! It starts I think with Leslie Frazier and the coaching staff and the schemes. Frazier and his staff should all be on the hot seat, Leslie is not the answer to coach this team. He lacks emotion and leadership, someone needs to get mad and I mean mad as hell out there. Losing sucks and we need to make some changes to personnel and this coaching staff. I don't know if it will be trading guys like Jared Allen, Kevin Williams or anyone else who is in a contract year and getting draft picks. Something has to happen! Someone light a fire under this team, I hope Josh Freeman is the answer but how can he be if we can't protect him and give him time in the pocket. 

We are now 1-4 and need a miracle to this season around. We have been out coached and out played in almost every game this season. We now travel to New York and face an 0-6 Giants team, if we don't win this game Frazier will and should be fired if he isn't fired before today is over.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 6 Preview Vikings vs. Panthers

The Minnesota Vikings (1-3) host the Carolina Panthers (1-3) at Mall of America Field Sunday, October 13th. We are coming off a win in London and a bye week. A lot has happened over the first five weeks with our Vikings squad, but nothing is more crazy then our Quarterback position. Rick Spielman and the Vikings this week signed free agent QB Josh Freeman after he was cut by the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. Leslie Frazier has said Christian Ponder is still our starting QB, which I believe is the most popostorous thing I have ever heard. Matt Cassel played good in week 4 against the Steelers and I am assuming will be starting this week until Josh Freeman learns this offense. Look for Freeman to start week 7 or 8.

Viktor Stars
-Adrian Peterson, if he plays after the tragic news of his son. As a father, my thoughts and prayers go out to Adrian and his family and son. What is wrong with people? I believe Adrian will play, but if he doesn't I hope his teammates will pick him up. If he does play, Adrian will run mad and rightly so, he could have 300 yards rushing. 

-Matt Cassel will manage this game good again and will take shots down the field with 8 guys in the box. He should play decent against this tough defense and needs to complete critical third downs. Don't be surprised if he has 275 yards and two scores.

-Harrison Smith will need to play physical this week and should have many opportunities to get some turnovers with Cam Newton behind center. 

Panthers Stars
-Cam Newton, look for Cam to throw the ball 40 plus times and should have a nice game against our secondary.

-Greg Olsen is a big threat in the middle of the field and if can stay healthy should see 10 plus targets.

-Carolina Defense, this defense has improved drastically this year and is currently third in the NFL. They are quick to the ball and swarm so well. This defense has some big playmakers and will pressure Cassel and try to stop AP.

The Vikings have the home field advantage and need another victory. This is a tough matchup despite both 1-3 records. We need to let AP loose and then take shots deep to Simpson, Jennings and Patterson. We must play a lot better defensively and put Newton in tough positions. The Panthers defense is tough and will challenge our offense to move the ball. This game should once again come down to the last two minutes.

Vikings 27 Panthers 24
Line: Vikings -1

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ponder vs. Cassel?

Ok Vikings fans I have been asked by many of you to breakdown Christian Ponder vs. Matt Cassel. So here is my breakdown and feel free to comment.

Christian Ponder
Christian is in his third season in the NFL and has struggled over the last three years. He has strengths, but also has many weaknesses. What I like about Ponder is that he is a young Quarterback who is very mobile and should be able to make plays because of his mobility. As a mobile Quarterback Ponder has struggled on the move throwing the ball and that doesn't allow him to take advantage of his strength being mobile. Christian hasn't been successful for many reasons due to his pocket presence and the lack of protection he has gotten. He lacks arm strength, accuracy and being a game manager. This is his third season like I said and he should progress this season and has not done enough with his progression to this point in the season. 

Matt Cassel
Matt is a game manager who isn't elite, but can make big plays down the field with his arm strength. Cassel has struggled over the last few years being consistent and making accurate throws. He isn't a very mobile Quarterback and is a pure pocket passer. He plays with emotion and is a good leader.

The Vikings coaches and staff have a tough decision to make on who will start in week 6 against the Carolina Panthers. I think Matt Cassel deserves to start another game based on his performance Sunday vs. Pittsburgh. I believe it should be Cassel's job to lose based on how Christian Ponder has played this season and over the last two seasons. I feel like if Cassel struggles or gets injured Ponder should get the starting job back. If that does happen hopefully Ponder can have better poise and play with a sense of urgency. Both Cassel and Ponder are on a short leash! Who ever is under Center I will cheer for because I want the Vikings to put the best product on the field and see our Quarterback succeed.