Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Quarterback Position

Grade: 4
Last year was a roller coaster ride for Christian Ponder and fans. As Christian went into last season as the #1 QB we all had high expectations and rightly so based on this quarterback heavy league. I still believe in Christian Ponder and what he can do for us in the long-term, but he also has to show improvement and prove to me and the fans that he is our franchise quarterback. Ponder has flashes of being a good/great player at his position, but he also has flashes of a type of player who isn't ready to be a starting quarterback in this league.

The things I love about Christian Ponder besides his wife...
#1 His Attitude- You can't teach Attitude.
#2 His Athletic Ability- That guy can flat out scramble.
#3 His Leadership Ability- He isn't Peyton Manning, but he controls the huddle and now needs to show success to take him to that next level of a leader.
#4 He's Smart- He doesn't always play smart, but if he can figure that out he could take big steps in the NFL.
#5 He is willing to learn- How many quarterbacks do you see who listens to the coaching staff and just does what they tell him to do?

The things I wish Christian Ponder was better at....
#1 Accuracy- Being accurate in this league is crucial.
#2 Arm Strength- Make the defense pay for putting 8,9 and 10 guys in the box.
#3 Spreading the ball around- Don't only use your first read.
#4 Patience- Being patient also helps your receivers create space.
#5 Reading a Defense- Control the game by knowing what will hurt the defense.

Christian we aren't asking you to become a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers. We are asking you to work this off-season on becoming a better student of the game and go into training camp ready to prove yourself as a starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. I don't think Rick Spielman will purse a guy like Alex Smith, because 10 other teams will be and the price tag is too high and that means you have given up on Christian Ponder. I think the Minnesota Vikings will go into camp with Ponder as the #1 quarterback on their roster and tell him that it's his to lose, we know your going to make mistakes, but how do you overcome them?

The next Question mark is who will be our #2 QB? Joe Webb underperformed when we needed him and I think fans are done with that project. When you are a backup quarterback in this league you must be ready and perform when your time comes. Will the Vikings look at bringing a guy like Tim Tebow into town? I personally think that Tebow would be a great addition to this team as a backup to Ponder. He has a winning attitude and has game experience if needed. He doesn't have the best arm, but maybe he needs a home with little media attention to sit back and learn more about the game. He could be a great mentor to Christian Ponder and McLeod Bethel-Thompson who should be the #3 QB on this Roster.
I'm Back...

One of my favorite things to do during this time of year is think about the Minnesota Vikings off-season. As we over achieved many experts expectations this year, we still have a lot of work that needs to be done. Rick Spielman our General Manager did a wonderful job in last years draft with some great picks like Harrison Smith, Matt Kalil, Blair Walsh and Josh Robinson. Building a strong franchise doesn't happen just in the draft either, the Vikings and Spielman must address the Free Agent market along with making trades. As I look at every position on the offense, defense and special teams we must look at strengthening each position by adding talent and depth.

To begin this off-season we must look at which positions are in most need of improving. I believe we must grade each position based on need. So I will grade them based on a sliding scale 1-10, 1 being is a lesser need/improvement and 10 being most need/improvement.

QB Grade: 4
RB/FB Grade: 2
WR Grade: 9.5
TE Grade: 2
OL Grade: 6
DL Grade: 6
LB Grade: 9
Secondary Grade: 7
Special Teams Grade: 4