Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Where Do We Live?

I may go on a bit of a rant this morning, but seriously where do we live? Do we live in Green Bay or even Wisconsin? NO, we live in Minnesota! 

I am so sick of our media here in Minnesota these days. What I mean by this is two things.

First, I read the local sports section in our  newspapers every morning and everyday I see stories related to the Packers. Whether it is stories talking about Randall Cobb's, Bryan Bulaga's and Jordy Nelson's injury updates or Dujuan Harris being slotted as the number one Running back. Who cares? I know it's a business and I am sure it drives traffic to these struggling newspapers, but the business also is you are a local aka Minnesota newspaper company. So, write about Minnesota sports. Do you think the Milwaukee Journal writes stories about our Vikings players? How about the Chicago Tribune, do they have stories about Packer players? No! So why do we? All these so called sports writers here in Minnesota who write these dumb stories about other teams and other teams players need to go work for those other teams newspapers. Does anyone else get as bothered as I do? We even have Packer radio shows like on K-Fan called Packer Preview on Sunday mornings! Why? Do you think I want to listen to that? If Packer fans live here then they should tune into Packers talk out of Green Bay. What is wrong with this state? Or maybe I should say why do Vikings fans allow this? 

The second thing that drives me nuts is why is every so called Vikings sports writer and so called Vikings fan calling for Christian Ponders head? Do people not want him to be successful? It's his third NFL season and yes this is a big year for Ponder to prove he is an NFL starting Quarterback. But lay off him people! How would you feel going to work everyday and hearing people/media say you suck and can't make it with your company? Does that motivate you? Maybe for some of you it does, but some people aren't formed that way either. If you are a "true" Vikings fan stand behind your players! Cheer for them when they make plays and pick them up and cheer when they do make mistakes! No one is perfect, not even the Brady's, Manning's, Rodgers of the world. Media/so called fans back off the guy! Plus Matt Cassell is a backup for a reason, I don't see any of the other 31 teams in the NFL taking a chance with him as their starter. 

Long story short! Owwwwwwww! Skol Vikings!!!!

p.s. can you tell I had 3 cups of coffee this morning?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Vikings Game Changers!

The Minnesota Vikings need game changers and here are a few that are and could be.

Current Game Changers
#1 Adrian Peterson- Most explosive guy in the NFL, defenses fear this hard workhorse. Here is a guy who can make negative yards into 4 yard gains, 20 yard gains and 50 plus yard runs. He is so talented and can light up linebackers and the secondary. Adrian runs with a chip on his shoulder and wants to find the end zone every time he touches the ball.
#2 Jared Allen- This is a guy even at age 31 is still the most exciting player on the defense of side for this team. Coming off a 12 sack season look for Jared to get back to the high teens in sacks again this year. He plays with emotion and can create havoc for offensive coordinators.
#3 Harrison Smith- This hard hitting safety doesn't just make plays on the ball, he is a pounding hitting machine. Last season Smith had 3 interceptions and will only get better turning the ball over. He is a young leader in the secondary and will keep making big plays.
#4 Kyle Rudolph- Pro Bowl MVP last season should the league he could be the next best Tight End in this league. He is such a threat down the middle of the field with his big frame and hands. Look for Kyle to get more catches this season.
#5 Everson Griffen- Here is a part-time guy who is a freak! He had 8 sacks last season and only started one game. Griffen is all over the field and will continue to see more playing time on the defensive line. 
#6 Blair Walsh- Yes, he is a kicker! Blair is a true game changer who is consistent even with Field Goals over 50 plus yards. He made 10 Field Goals over 50 yards last season, tell me that doesn't count for a game changer?
#7 Chad Greenway- 96 tackles in 2012, 3 sacks, 1 int and 2 forced fumbles. Chad is a well rounded game changer and is big part to this defense.
#8 Matt Kalil- After a great rookie season, Matt is a big part to Adrian's and Ponder's success in 2013. He is so good at run blocking and creating massive holes for AP. 
#9 John Sullivan- One of the top Centers in this league manages the game so well. He can help Ponder succeed and give him great reads. He is so important to this team.
#10 Jerome Felton- Having a punishing Fullback who can create holes for a talented running back is huge. Adrian Peterson won't be as successful without Felton. 

Should Be Game Changers
#1 Christian Ponder- This is Ponder's third season and is a make or break year. I have faith that Christian Ponder will make promising strides forward. He needs to improve his footwork in the pocket when pressure arises and hit players downfield. Look for Ponder to make big plays in 2013.
#2 Chris Cook- He will step in as the number one Cornerback and must perform against some elite Wide Receivers like Brandon Marshall, Calvin Johnson and Jordy Nelson. We should see Chris make big plays whether its turning the ball over or breaking up passes.
#3 Greg Jennings- Having a veteran who can do so much is so important for Ponder. He can stretch the field, but is known for making big catches 5-10 yards down the field.
#4 Cordarrelle Patterson- Exciting player who can exploit defenses secondary! Fun to watch game changer who just needs time on the field.
#5 Brian Robison- He had 8.5 sacks last season and can get to the Quarterback and stop the run. Smart player with a high motor.
#6 Xavier Rhodes- Big frames rookie Cornerback who can make big plays and gets great position against Receivers.
#7 Erin Henderson- He should win the Middle Linebacker position and has the ability to do so much at that position. Break out season for Erin?
#8 Jarius Wright- Wright takes over the slot after Percy Harvin departure. Jarius has had a great Training Camp and is very talented. Don't expect him to be Percy, but he does have some skills that make him Percy like. 
#9 Jerome Simpson- Yes, I said Simpson! He is a big play athletic receiver who can make game changing plays deep. He needs to stay healthy and show he can compete on this roster.
#10 John Carlson- Having a second Tight End who can make plays in the NFL is deadly. If Carlson can stay healthy, he could create matchup problems for defenses. He needs to have more than 8 receptions this year, he is my wild card for a game changer. If he can stay on the field and contribute like he did in Seattle and get 5-6 touchdowns would be a game changer!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Patterson the next Jones?

The Vikings drafted what I think was the best Wide Receiver in this years draft in Cordarrelle Patterson. Is he the next Julio Jones in the NFL? He has attributes very similar to Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones. He has size, speed and the talent to be the next big play receiver in this league. His talent is more raw than Julio when he entered the league, but look for Cordarrelle to learn under a veteran in Greg Jennings the same way Julio Jones did with Roddy White. 

Cordarrelle Patterson is an athletic freak who can do so much for this offense. He is quick and has big play potential down the field, but he also is a threat in the middle of the field. He will be a lethal weapon for Christian Ponder and the Minnesota Vikings offense. 

Number #84 is back, but it is not Randy Moss. Don't compare him to Randy, he doesn't have the same attitude issues and won't be a fly guy. He can do more than Randy, but isn't as explosive down the field as Randy. Moss was nasty deep because of his speed, size but more importantly his adjustment to the ball. 

Vikings fans should be very excited about this guy and should not be disappointed if Leslie Frazier and Bill Musgrave slowly develop him into the offense. I think 800 yards and 5 touchdowns is a great first season for this rookie and anything more is exciting.

Keep an eye on Patterson when next weeks Pre-season games begin. He is going to be a big asset to this wide receiver corp.