Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 8 Post Game Vikings vs. Packers

My purple depression just won't go away! It was a devastating loss on Sunday night vs our hated rivalry Green Bay Packers. We are looking worse and worse as the season goes on. We can't stop anyone and we can't be productive on offense. We got embarrassed again and lost 44-31 to the Pack. We had opportunities to be competitive and kept shooting ourselves in the foot. 

Our defense is one of the worst in the league and once again couldn't stop the opponents offense. We lack pressure, tackling and coverage. Our front four had underperformed again and let Aaron Rodgers do whatever he wanted behind the line. Our corners and secondary couldn't tackle and couldn't cover on every play. We let the Packers score on every drive and never forced them into a punt, which is awful. That is embarrassing! Again the only player who shined again was Erin Henderson. He plays with emotion and gets after the ball well.

Our offense again couldn't get any rythem with Christian Ponder under center. Ponder and Jennings couldn't stay on the same page and Ponder struggled to find open receivers and looked horrible under pressure. Adrian never had a chance to be productive again due to falling behind and lack of blocking. 

Our Special teams looked good early after Cordarrelle Patterson returned another kickoff for a touchdown. The Packers opened up the game after they returned a punt for a touchdown and that was the ball game which put this game out of reach.

It's been a tough 7 games as we now fall to 1-6. We know Ponder isn't the answer again and will probably look for Freeman to step back in as our Quarterback going forward. Our schemes, play calls and coaching has not been impressive, but the lack of effort has been the most disappointing. We gave up over 180 yards on the ground and let the Packers control the entire game. We must move forward and fix all of our issues fast, it looks like it could be a long season. Vikings Nation stay strong and our Vikings need our support.

Next Opponent
Dallas Cowboys 4-4

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week 8 Preview Vikings vs. Packers

It doesn't get much better than this!!! Vikings vs. Packers at Mall of America Field. Green Bay, Minnesota fans and NFL experts don't think we stand a chance against the Pack. Hold on because I may not be an expert and a homer but history has shown we have a chance at the upset. Will it happen? I don't know, but I think we have a shot because of a few reason. Number one reason is that it's a rivalry game within the division, these teams know each other very well. Number two it's a home game, yes we haven't played good at home as of late but history shows we have had success at home. Number three the Packers are just as injured as we are, Finley out, James Jones doubtful, Clay Mathews out and much more. Number four Christian Ponder and the Vikings beat the Packers last season to get into the Playoffs. Lastly, number five Adrian Peterson has had huge games against the Packers.

The Vikings and Packers have faced each other 105 times. Green Bay holds a 55-49-1 series lead.

Viktor Stars
-Adrian Peterson will have success against a good run stopping team and will keep us in the game. Look for Frazier and Musgrave to give the ball often to AP.

-Jared Allen will play with a chip on his shoulder and will pressure Aaron Rodgers often. He should have a couple sacks and will create a turnover.

-Erin Henderson has improved and had a great week last Monday night stopping the run. He should have another great game and have many opportunities to stop Runningback Eddie Lacy.

Packers Stars
- Aaron Rodgers will have plenty of opportunities to make big plays down the field against our struggling cornerbacks.

-Jordy Nelson will be targeted frequently and should be productive.

-Eddie Lacy will have 20 plus carries and will have a fee chances in the red zone to score.

The Vikings need to capitalize on the Packers miscues and we will have a chance to win this game. Christian Ponder must eliminate mistakes and be successful on picking up third downs. We must minimize big plays and play tough defense up front. I have faith that we can win this game Vikings fans!!! Skol Vikings!!! Owwwwwwwwww!!!

Vikings 27 Packers 24
Line: Packers -9.5

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 7 Post Game Vikings vs. Giants

Wow, wow, wow!!! Did I say wow? 

We got embarrassed on Monday Night Football on National television. I'm not embarrassed because lost to a Giants team that was 0-6, it's because we looked pathetic! We were out coached again, out hustled and out played by a bad team. Everything went wrong last night! We couldn't run, we couldn't block, we couldn't pass, we couldn't hold onto the ball, we couldn't catch, we couldn't tackle and we couldn't hit field goals!!! That was by far the worst game I have ever seen us play. 

I'm so frustrated with this coaching staff. We started the game with a bad coaching decision and that was we won the coin toss, deferred and let New York start with the ball on Offense. We haven't played well enough on defense to make that decision. Why would you make that decision? The coaching staff also called similar play calls on two third down plays. Then we punted the ball on the Giants 35 yard line! The result was a net 15 yards after the ball was punted in the end zone for a touchback. Frazier needs to be fired! Musgrave should be next! Alan Williams should be next! Our coaching staff is boring and haven't shown any progression and are regressing.

Let me try to evaluate Josh Freeman on his first start. Josh at times looked comfortable under pressure, but then made some poor decisions as the game went on. He was pressured often and when he did have little time over threw receivers constantly. I wasn't expecting Freeman to have a fantastic game based on the situation, but he didn't do much in the situation. Can't blame just Josh, no protection and little time to create chemistry with receivers. I'm not going to panic with Josh Freeman, he is our best option at Quarterback and hope he can get better each week. I don't want to hear people wanting Ponder to start! Remember when people wanted Ponder benched for Cassel? 

Our running game wasn't good and lot of that is due to 9 guys in the box and our lack of run blocking. Our offensive line is so bad. It's not Adrian's fault he is getting hit behind the line of scrimmage constantly.

Our defense once again couldn't make plays. We had two dropped interceptions, our cornerbacks were burned and couldn't defend a pass. The one individual that looked good was Linebacker Erin Henderson who had 12 tackles and a sack. 

Our Special teams lost two fumbles and hurt any chance we had to stay in this game.

We are now 1-5 and have so many holes and things to fix on Offense, Defense and Special teams. This team is heading in the wrong direction and our veterans need to step up and take charge. We know our coaches aren't capable! Vikings fans it's not easy losing, it sucks but be a fan and support the Vikings during this time. If you want to jump off the bandwagon do it, but I don't want to hear you when we are successful again. It's football people, can't always be on top. BleedPurpleYearInYearOut!!! 

Next Opponent
Vikings (1-5) vs. Packers (4-2)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Week 7 Preview Vikings vs. Giants

We travel to New York and face an 0-6 Giants team on Monday night. After starting 1-4 we have struggled on Offense and Defense and hope our new starting Quarterback Josh Freeman can give us the spark we need to find another victory. This game isn't an easy matchup even though the Giants are winless.

Viktor Stars
-Josh Freeman will have the start under center and will try to get this Offense kicking. Look for Freeman to take some shots deep and try to create some chemistry on short routes. Don't expect Josh to be our savior, he hasn't had much time to learn the play book and repetition with his receivers.

-Adrian Peterson needs to have a big game to give us a shot to get another win under out belt. He should see 20 plus carries against a poor defensive front. Look for Adrian to spring a couple nice runs and have over 100 yards on the ground.

-Kyle Rudolph is a big target who can help Freeman feel comfortable in this Offense. Josh should look for Kyle often and should find the end zone again this week.

Giants Stars
-Eli Manning has struggled this year but will have a field day against our poor secondary. Look for Eli to spread the ball and be very successful in doing so. He may have 400 plus yards in the air. He should be licking his chops going into Monday night.

-Victor Cruz has had a productive year and will have 10 plus targets, he is an elite receiver who runs great routes and makes big plays. Cruz is going to salsa dance all day.

-Brandon Jacobs will be effective because of the success the Giants will have in the passing game. He should have back to back multiple touchdown games.

Overall the Giants will come out with a victory due to the lack of our defense. This game will be high scoring and will come down to the last possession. We must eliminate turnovers on Offense to give us a shot to win. The loss of Harrison Smith in our secondary doesn't help, but I am excited to see how Josh Freeman does on such a short notice.

Vikings 27- Giants 34
Line: Giants -3.5

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 6 Postgame Vikings vs. Panthers

Wow!!! Words can't even explain how bad we played on Sunday, but I will do my best to explain what happened. 

What happend? We got shell shocked by not Michaelangelo, but by Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers 35-10. Let's first talk about out defense that couldn't tackle, defend a pass or pressure the QB. Why can't we defend a pass? We need to stop playing zone defense for one and start playing more man coverage. Josh Robinson looks miserable, he is getting picked on and cannot make a play. Our secondary is so bad and has to be one of the worst in the NFL at this moment. We couldn't pressure Cam and he scrambled and threw the ball well as he went 20-26 with 242 yards 3 TD's, 0 Int's and had 30 yards rushing with a score. We let up 131 yards on the ground total. Overall our defense looks horrific and we are getting picked apart. Who's fault is it? Do you blame Alan Williams the defensive coordinator? Joe Woods defensive backs coach? Or is it Leslie Frazier? I say it's D All the above.

Offensively we looked just as bad as the defense. We couldn't run block, pass block, our Quarterback play was brutal and our receivers dropped passes and couldn't get open. Did I mention our play calling was conservative and we didn't execute at all! We found out Matt Cassel isn't the answer as he made some bad throws which sailed over receivers heads into defenders hands. All the Ponder haters who wanted Matt Cassel because he was the answer were wrong. Is it the Quarterbacks fault we lost? Not all the blame should go on Cassel because he didn't get any pass protection and because of that had to make some poor throws. Why is our offensive line so bad? What happened to a line that was progressing last season? 

To be honest, I don't know who to blame! It starts I think with Leslie Frazier and the coaching staff and the schemes. Frazier and his staff should all be on the hot seat, Leslie is not the answer to coach this team. He lacks emotion and leadership, someone needs to get mad and I mean mad as hell out there. Losing sucks and we need to make some changes to personnel and this coaching staff. I don't know if it will be trading guys like Jared Allen, Kevin Williams or anyone else who is in a contract year and getting draft picks. Something has to happen! Someone light a fire under this team, I hope Josh Freeman is the answer but how can he be if we can't protect him and give him time in the pocket. 

We are now 1-4 and need a miracle to this season around. We have been out coached and out played in almost every game this season. We now travel to New York and face an 0-6 Giants team, if we don't win this game Frazier will and should be fired if he isn't fired before today is over.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 6 Preview Vikings vs. Panthers

The Minnesota Vikings (1-3) host the Carolina Panthers (1-3) at Mall of America Field Sunday, October 13th. We are coming off a win in London and a bye week. A lot has happened over the first five weeks with our Vikings squad, but nothing is more crazy then our Quarterback position. Rick Spielman and the Vikings this week signed free agent QB Josh Freeman after he was cut by the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. Leslie Frazier has said Christian Ponder is still our starting QB, which I believe is the most popostorous thing I have ever heard. Matt Cassel played good in week 4 against the Steelers and I am assuming will be starting this week until Josh Freeman learns this offense. Look for Freeman to start week 7 or 8.

Viktor Stars
-Adrian Peterson, if he plays after the tragic news of his son. As a father, my thoughts and prayers go out to Adrian and his family and son. What is wrong with people? I believe Adrian will play, but if he doesn't I hope his teammates will pick him up. If he does play, Adrian will run mad and rightly so, he could have 300 yards rushing. 

-Matt Cassel will manage this game good again and will take shots down the field with 8 guys in the box. He should play decent against this tough defense and needs to complete critical third downs. Don't be surprised if he has 275 yards and two scores.

-Harrison Smith will need to play physical this week and should have many opportunities to get some turnovers with Cam Newton behind center. 

Panthers Stars
-Cam Newton, look for Cam to throw the ball 40 plus times and should have a nice game against our secondary.

-Greg Olsen is a big threat in the middle of the field and if can stay healthy should see 10 plus targets.

-Carolina Defense, this defense has improved drastically this year and is currently third in the NFL. They are quick to the ball and swarm so well. This defense has some big playmakers and will pressure Cassel and try to stop AP.

The Vikings have the home field advantage and need another victory. This is a tough matchup despite both 1-3 records. We need to let AP loose and then take shots deep to Simpson, Jennings and Patterson. We must play a lot better defensively and put Newton in tough positions. The Panthers defense is tough and will challenge our offense to move the ball. This game should once again come down to the last two minutes.

Vikings 27 Panthers 24
Line: Vikings -1

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ponder vs. Cassel?

Ok Vikings fans I have been asked by many of you to breakdown Christian Ponder vs. Matt Cassel. So here is my breakdown and feel free to comment.

Christian Ponder
Christian is in his third season in the NFL and has struggled over the last three years. He has strengths, but also has many weaknesses. What I like about Ponder is that he is a young Quarterback who is very mobile and should be able to make plays because of his mobility. As a mobile Quarterback Ponder has struggled on the move throwing the ball and that doesn't allow him to take advantage of his strength being mobile. Christian hasn't been successful for many reasons due to his pocket presence and the lack of protection he has gotten. He lacks arm strength, accuracy and being a game manager. This is his third season like I said and he should progress this season and has not done enough with his progression to this point in the season. 

Matt Cassel
Matt is a game manager who isn't elite, but can make big plays down the field with his arm strength. Cassel has struggled over the last few years being consistent and making accurate throws. He isn't a very mobile Quarterback and is a pure pocket passer. He plays with emotion and is a good leader.

The Vikings coaches and staff have a tough decision to make on who will start in week 6 against the Carolina Panthers. I think Matt Cassel deserves to start another game based on his performance Sunday vs. Pittsburgh. I believe it should be Cassel's job to lose based on how Christian Ponder has played this season and over the last two seasons. I feel like if Cassel struggles or gets injured Ponder should get the starting job back. If that does happen hopefully Ponder can have better poise and play with a sense of urgency. Both Cassel and Ponder are on a short leash! Who ever is under Center I will cheer for because I want the Vikings to put the best product on the field and see our Quarterback succeed.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 4 Post Game Vikings vs. Steelers

We traveled to London for a home game and got our first victory against the winless Pittsburgh Steelers. This was a great win and performance from our Vikings. Our offense finally created some rythem with establishing the run and a passing game. Our defense was still shaky against the pass and gave up 383 yards in the air to Big Ben and the Steelers. 

We finally got a glimpse of why we paid $47.5 Million to Greg Jennings, he had 3 catches for 93 yards and 2 Touchdowns. Adrian Peterson looked lethal again thanks to Jerome Felton back in the lineup after his 3 game suspension. Adrian had 23 carries for 140 yards and 2 scores. Jerome Simpson had another huge game with 7 catches for 124 yards. It was nice to see us finally create some offense and I give credit to our Quarterback Matt Cassel for managing the game. He didn't look elite or special, but he did play solid and was 16/25 248 yards and 2 TD's. He wasn't perfect and did make some bad throws, but he also at times looked like a starting Quarterback. It will be very intersting to see what Lezlie Frazier does at the Quarterback position going forward this year. 

Yes, we need to still progress on offense and need to figure out how to stop teams with better defensive play. Don't be surprised if Antoine Winfield is wearing purple again before this weekend. We need help in our secondary and who better than a veteran who knows our defense.

Next Week:

Friday, September 27, 2013

Week 4 in London Preview Vikings vs. Steelers

Home game in London feels a little weird! This could be a good thing with the way we have been playing. We face another 0-3 team against the Pittsburgh Steelers. We will play this game without some of our starters like QB Christian Ponder, DB Chris Cook and S Jamarca Sanford. Yes, the big news is Quarterback Christian Ponder has been ruled out due to a fractured rib. For all those Viking fans wanting Ponder benched got your wish. I will root for QB Matt Cassel, but don't expect Cassel to come in and shine in this offense. I hope he does because that means we beat the Steelers and are heading in a better direction based on record. We can not afford to lose and drop to 0-4. 

Victor Stars
-Adrian Peterson will need to get things going on the ground to give us a shot at winning this game. The Steelers have allowed over 100 yards on the ground in their first three games. Expect AP to reach over 125 yards.

-Harrison Smith is going to have a lot of opportunities to make plays against a Steelers team that will come out throwing.

-Kyle Rudolph needs to get things going and why not in London? Look for Rudolph to be Cassel's go to receiver.

Steelers Stars
-Ben Roethlisberger is in need of a big stat day and should expose the Vikings secondary.

-Antoino Brown is an outstanding Wide Receiver who can make big plays. He should see 10 plus targets and could have a monster game.

-Troy Polamalu will be all over the field and will have many opportunities to get pressure on Cassel and Adrian.

We need to spread things out and not allow 8 guys in the box. We also need to get Patterson more involved in this offense which will help Peterson and Cassel. On defense we need to figure out how to stop Quarterbacks from throwing all over us. We must pressure Big Ben because he is known for holding onto the ball longer than usual and that can put Pittsburgh in tough third and long situations.

Vikings 17 Steelers 14.
Line: Pitt -3

Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 3 Post Game Vikings vs. Browns

Holy smokes, we lost to the Cleveland Browns! Words can't describe my anger and frustration with the way we have been playing so far this season. I can't believe we are 0-3. Something has to change!!! Our owners need to think about the future and make some tough decisions about the current staff. I think every single coach is on the hot seat, it starts with Leslie Frazier and goes down the line to OC Bill Musgrave, DC Alan Williams, SC Mike Priefer and the rest of our coaching staff. We have been out coached in every game this season and that is frustrating. Coach Frazier always says we need to get better, well maybe we need to get better coaches first. 

Everyone wants Ponder gone and I have stuck up for Christian since day one and am still sticking by his side. Ponder isn't the reason we are 0-3, ya he isn't playing great but he also isn't getting the protection he needs. Matt Cassell is not the answer Viking fans, I know Ponder probably isn't the long time answer either but he deserves to be the Quarterback this season. Christian was sacked six times yesterday. What is wrong with our offensive line? We can't pass protect or create holes for Adrian. Our offensive line was supposed to be one of our strengths and is not playing up to standards. Christian Ponder was 25-42 for 228 yards and an interception. He also had 46 yards rushing and two scores. Those numbers aren't great, but those numbers also don't look horrible. Yes, Ponder gives us the best chance to win this season. Don't blame just the Quarterback! 

Why can't our defense stop anyone? Especially third string Brian Hoyer who was 30-54 and an impressive 321 yards, 3 TD's and 3 Int's. Our defensive backs looked horrible, the loss of Winfield has hurt this secondary. Look for the Vikings to try and re-sign Antoine Winfield during their bye week. We had some individuals who played pretty well like Erin Henderson who had 2 sacks and an int and 6 tackles. Marcus Sherels looked good and had 8 tackles. Harrison Smith has been playing at an elite level, but did allow Jordan Cameron to catch the game winning Touchdown. Our Secondary is struggling bad and our defensive line can't pressure the Quarterback.

Denny Green would say "the Browns are who we thought they were and we let them off the hook." We got out played and out coached. Our Special Teams is down right horrible. We allowed a fake Field Goal that resulted in a Cameron Touchdown and a fake Punt that resulted in a big First down. 

We have a lot of things we need to fix fast and don't be surprised to see some changes over the next week or so. We lost to the Cleveland Browns 31-27!!! That is un-acceptable!!! As Vikings fans we have a right to be frustrated, but I don't want to hear anyone giving up on this football team. I went grocery shopping after the game yesterday and an employee commented to me that "man I can't believe you are still wearing your Vikings Jersey out like this." I said "what?" He said "I have my Vikings shirt covered up see." I shook my head and said "you aren't a true fan, true fans go through the good, the bad and the ugly." I think he was shocked, but C'mon Man!!! Being a fan isn't always the easiest and yes I probably take things too serious, just ask my wife! Being a fan is about celebrating the good times and still enjoying the bad. I'm not going to stop watching the Vikings or turn the channel before the game is over. It's football people!!! BleedPurpleYearInYearOut!

We need our veterans to step up and I think it might be time for a veteran run meeting with no coaches. Get these guys fired up!!! 

Hopefully London will bring us some good luck!

Next Opponent:
0-3 Pittsburgh Steelers

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 3 Preview Vikings vs. Browns

Which team will come out of this game winless? The 0-2 Cleveland Browns travel to Minnesota and take on our 0-2 Vikings. It's the Home opener and the last season in Mall of America Field. Both teams need a win, but with the latest news of Brandon Weeden not playing and the trade of star Runningback Trent Richardson to the Colts, the Browns are awful. This is a much needed contest for our Vikings. We will face a third string Quarterback in Brian Hoyer and a couple interesting Runningbacks in Bobby Rainey and Chris Ogbonnaya or a old veteran in Willis McGahee.

Viktor Stars
-Adrian Peterson is going to have a massive game and we should see AP rush for around 200 yards and a couple scores.

-Brian Robison will pick up his first sack of the season and expect Robison to add  a few more.

-Kyle Rudolph will have his best game of the season and will have close to 100 yards receiving and a score.

Browns Stars
-Joe Haden is a big time play maker who shuts down elite receivers and will lineup opposite Greg Jennings.

-Josh Gordon is back after a two game suspension and will be back in the mix as a big deep threat. He could have a huge game and should see many targets.

-Jordan Cameron is an elite rookie Tight End who is quick and a big time target. Look for Hoyer to create chemistry early with Cameron.

The Vikings will look great and hand it to the Cleveland Browns. Look for AP to have a huge game and that will allow Christian Ponder to find some open receivers on one-on-one coverage. Look for our defense to pressure Brian Hoyer and get five or more sacks, cause a couple turnovers and get a score or two. Cleveland will struggle on offense and the Vikings will wear out a decent defense. We need a victory boys!!!

Vikings 31 Browns 10
Line: Vikings -6.5

Week 2 Post-Game Vikings vs. Bears

.............Sorry for the late post game, I have been diagnosed with something called PURPLE depression. 0-2, this is NOT how I thought we would start the season. The worst part about this start is that we have lost two division games. 

So, here is the breakdown after we lose 31-30 against the Chicago Bears. Another game which we started out with a big play, last week was AP's 78 yard TD and now this week it was Cordarrelle Patterson who returned the opening kickoff for a score. I love the type of starts we are having. The only problem is we are not keeping the momentum. Devin Hester torched us and put our defense in some very tough situations this week. We gave up 249 yards on special teams to Hester!!! How??? Why??? That was a huge factor in the outcome of this game. 

Christian Ponder haters, Ponder didn't play bad, he made a few mistakes one which was a pick six on a comeback route to Jerome Simpson. Yes, it was Ponder's fault by zoning his eyes on Simpson, but Simpson also needs to comeback to the ball. He finished the game 16-30 with 227 yards a score and and interception. He made some nice throws and some decent drives. Can he improve, YES but overall he didn't lose this game. Who does the blame go to? First, Leslie Frazier and his coaching staff. The play calling was horrible both on offense and defense and special teams. On offense I saw a lot of plays that frustrated me especially the last offensive play for the Vikings third and goal on the 6 yard line. Pass the ball!!! Why would we not attempt to score and make it a two possession game? Too conservative!!! Also, we played soft defense at the end of the second quarter, which we didn't see due to technical difficulties. As I watched online, the Bears marched down the field and got a field goal. Now the last drive of the game we let Jay Cutler and the Bears offense destroy us in the middle of the field and then scored with 10 seconds remaining on a complete disaster defensive call. Call a timeout in that spot and regroup.

Second, we lost because our offense is not performing yet. Ponder needs to improve, Kyle Rudolph needs to make plays and get open, AP needs to find more holes and our offense can't turnover the ball. We need everyone to step up, it looks like Jennings was the only bright spot last week with some nice catches and we should continue to see him create chemistry with Christian. We need to get out playmaker Patterson more involved in this offense, he is special!

We are now 0-2 and last in the division and need to put these two losses behind us and play better football. Don't give up Vikings fans, lots of football to play. 

Next Opponent: Cleveland Browns (0-2) 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 2 Preview Vikings vs. Bears

In week 2 we travel to the windy City and face the 1-0 Chicago Bears in Soldier Field. After a disappointing week 1 loss, the Vikings look to rebound against a tough Bears team. 

Vikings and Bears have met 104 total times and the Vikings lead this series 53-49-2.

Viktor Stars
-Adrian Peterson needs to be more productive on the ground and will have a huge impact in this game.

-Jared Allen is a guy who will lead this defense with big plays and play with a chip on his shoulder.

-Harrison Smith, look for Smith to make some big hits on Brandon Marshall and the Chicago Wide Receivers.

Bears Stars
-Brandon Marshall is a deadly weapon who can create plays even in double coverage.

-Matt Forte is going to test the Vikings front four. Look for Forte to try to expose our defense by catching balls out of the backfield and screen plays.

-Julius Peppers is a beast and will give Matt Kalil and the Vikings offensive line a lot of issues.

Minnesota must come out and establish the run against the Bears and then go to play action and try to hit Simpson or Kyle Rudolph down the field. Look for Chicago to put plenty of men in the box against Adrian Peterson and make Christian beat them in the air. The Bears are going to come out throwing and then try to wear out our defense by running the ball with Forte. I think this game will be decided by a few factors, the play of Christian Ponder, creating gaps upfront for AP and the protection of Jay Cutler. 

Vikings 24 Bears 21

Vikings next opponent: Cleveland Browns

Week 1 Post-Game Vikings vs. Lions

This game can be summed up in one word "Frustrating." 

I am going to breakdown this frustrating week one loss to the Detroit Lions, but before I do that I need to say something. Vikings fans and Ponder haters, Matt Cassel is NOT the answer.

The first drive the Lions marched down the field on our defense and after a muffed field goal, the Lions came away with zero points. The Vikings first offensive play of the game did what every one thought they were going to do and that was hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson. Adrian broke through the line and was off to the races with a 78 yard touchdown run and the Vikings went up 7-0. Every Vikings fan was excited and I thought Adrian Peterson was going to torch the Lions for 200 plus yards after seeing that first play. Adrian and the Offensive line struggled the rest of the game. From a fantasy perspective AP had a decent game with two rushing and one receiving touchdown, but only finished with 93 rushing yards on 18 carries. 

What went wrong? Here is a breakdown of what I thought went wrong and yes I am not an NFL expert! 

First key that went wrong in no particular order, is that our offensive line couldn't block or pass protect the Detroit Lions front four. Every time Adrian touched the ball he was 3 or 4 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Our Offensive line must attack off the line and we had no push on the line. Pass protection was horrible, Christian had very little time in the pocket to make any type of play without getting hit or sacked.

Second, Christian Ponder! Yes everyone wants to put ALL the blame on Ponder and I am not going to say he had a great or even good game, but like I mentioned above it is an offensive problem and not just a Ponder problem. Christian Ponder was flushed out of the pocket and put in many difficult situations yesterday where he did not make plays. Every drive seemed like it started 2nd and 13 or 14 which makes it even more challenging for a Quarterback, but he still needs to rise up and make key plays. Now he did make some decent throws and him and Jerome Simpson had chemistry which is one positive to this offense. Yes, Ponder needs to get better, but it's only the first game so don't panic.

Third, Our Linebackers looked lost out there. Reggie Bush torched the Linebackers and ya it looked like they made a bunch of tackles, but they were all after gaining 6-8 yards. The Linebackers must attack the line and create plays.

Fourth, our Defensive Line didn't get any pressure on Matthew Stafford or stop the run. Jared Allen was the only guy credited with a sack and even Jared didn't create much havoc. The Lions rushed for 117 yards. 

Lastly, we got out coached! I think Bill Musgrave should be taking a lot of heat regarding the poor play calling and lack of taking shots downfield with 8-9 guys in the box. Where was Cordarrelle Patterson? Number 84 had one catch for 10 yards and needs to get more touches and playing time. We can't be effective passing the ball without 4 wide receiver sets. Spread out the defense and either take shots deep or setup draw plays with only 6 guys in the box. Leslie Frazier needs to get these guys fired up, I don't care if you are an even keel type of coach! Get angry or have your coordinators get angry. 

Overall my Vikings frustrated me yesterday and we had so many opportunities to win this game and blew every opportunity. The Detroit Lions and Reggie Bush torched our Defense and our offense was not clicking. It's only week one and I am not going to panic, but we must focus this week on game plan and create an identity. We did not have an identity yesterday. We have a tough road trip this Sunday vs. another hated division rival Chicago Bears. Let's see how we overcome this loss and get better, that's what I want to see!

Skol Vikings, Owwwwwwwwwww!

Stay tunes for my Preview of Vikings vs. Bears.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


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In Case You Missed It - Vikings: Ponder Must Become Elite, Nothing Else Matters

This was originally posted back in March after the signing of Matt Cassell, but all holds true today. With the NFL season just around the corner, we felt it could be revisited. Enjoy again if you read it back in March, or pretend like it's new material if you missed it -

Greg Jennings, Brian Urlacher, the departure of Percy Harvin, the miracle that is Adrian Peterson, the draft picks, the sophomore campaigns of the great rookie class, Leslie Frazier’s coaching ability, Jared Allen aging, Cassel signing and the Antoine Winfield cutting, none of it matters.  Truly, not one of those things matter unless Christian Ponder is going to turn the corner towards becoming an elite quarterback.

The Vikings can make every right decision from now until the first snap of the regular season and still not be a contender if Ponder is as below average as we’ve seen throughout the majority of his career.

The Vikings did make the playoffs last year with Ponder being mostly an afterthought for opposing defenses.  That is true.  All it took was arguably the greatest season ever recorded by a running back.  I guess I can concede that if AP is going to be the Lebron James of the NFL again this year, maybe Ponder won’t need to take as big of leap in order for the Vikes to at least make the playoffs again.

To be reasonable though, AP likely isn’t going to top last year’s numbers.  Sorry, but when the NFL has only seen one season better than AP’s statistically since it’s inception in 1922, it is kind of tough to imagine it happening in back to back seasons.  It’s all on Ponder to get this team to the next level, and by next level I mean Super Bowl contender.

The proof is in the pudding, I’m not breaking news here, but the quarterback position alone is what makes a modern-day NFL team elite, average or bad.  The Vikings were a playoff team with an average Ponder, due again to AP’s excellence, even with that excellence in the playoff game sans an average Ponder and paired with a horrible quarterback in Joe Webb, the Vikings looked like one of the worst teams in the league.

It’s truly as simple as, “no QB = no Super Bowl” these days in the NFL.

The easiest way to prove that an elite QB is needed to win the Super Bowl is to just look at the past Super Bowl winners QB’s.  Let’s just look back to the 1999/2000 season.

Super Bowl Year – Winning Team – QB of Winning Team

2000 – St. Louis Rams – Kurt Warner

2001 – Baltimore Ravens – Trent Dilfer

2002 – New England Patriots – Tom Brady

2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Brad Johnson

2004 – New England Patriots – Tom Brady

2005 – New England Patriots – Tom Brady

2006 – Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger

2007 – Indianapolis Colts – Peyton Manning

2008 – New York Giants – Eli Manning

2009 – Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger

2010 – New Orleans Saints – Drew Brees

2011 – Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers

2012 – New York Giants – Eli Manning

2013 – Baltimore Ravens – Joe Flacco

There are two outliers on this list.  One played with arguably one of the best NFL defenses of all-time, Dilfer.  The other, Brad Johnson, had a Pro Bowl season in his Super Bowl year. Though his career doesn’t stack up with the others on this list, his Super Bowl season was close to elite.  Joe Flacco may not stack up yet either, but his career looks to be forming into possibly elite and seeing as he is now the highest paid player in the NFL, certainly the Ravens organization believe that he is already elite.

Looking at this list then you can conclude that 13 of the last 14 Super Bowls were won with a quarterback playing at an elite level in that championship year as well as, for the most part, in their careers.  Transversely, when you look at the Vikings best position currently, running back, only 3 of the last 14 Super Bowl winners (Mike Alstott went to the 2003 Pro Bowl but it was as a fullback) have had Pro Bowl running back seasons in the year that they won it all (Marshall Faulk - 2000, Corey Dillon - 2004 and Ray Rice - 2013).  The last running back to win Super Bowl MVP was Terrell Davis in 1998, while the quarterbacks have gone to the Pro Bowl in 7 of the last 14 seasons and won Super Bowl MVP in 9 of the last 14 Super Bowl winning seasons.

Another stat to chew on, in the past 14 seasons we have been looking at, the average quarterback rating during the regular season of the Super Bowl champion is 92.1.  Christian Ponder’s career QBR is 77.1 and he is coming off of his best season in which he had a QBR of 81.2.  If you're thinking maybe Matt Cassel will be the guy, I suggest you put down the meth.  Once you're done with that and scratching those invisible bugs crawling all over you, make a mental note that Cassel's career QBR is 80.4 and he is coming off a 66.7 QBR year that got him cut by Kansas City.

The point is, you can stress out about Greg Jennings, Brian Urlacher, the departure of Percy Harvin, the miracle that is Adrian Peterson, the draft picks, the sophomore campaigns of the great rookie class, Leslie Frazier’s coaching ability, Jared Allen aging and the Antoine Winfield cutting, but still none of it matters.  If you care about winning the Super Bowl, Christian Ponder’s development is the only thing that matters for the Minnesota Vikings to even get into the conversation.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Concussions WILL Destroy Sports

What is this World coming to? I agree concussions in sports is a major issue, but these players know the risks of playing a sport. How can one or many sue over concussion issues? The NFL just settled on a $765 million settlement to pay former and future players with concussion symptoms like Alzheimer's, depression and other related brain injuries. The NCAA is next, they have former players trying to sue over the same issues. What's next High School? Middle School? Local City leagues? 

Every sport has a risk of injury, whether mental, physical or emotional. Are we going to sue over everything? How about work place depression or other related work place issues? Every player who steps out on that field, track, rink, court, etc. takes on a risk of getting injured. Especially at the Professional level these players are compensated for the risks they take. Even at the College level these athletes are compensated a free or discounted degree. I agree Professional and College leagues should be required to financially support newer technology or medicine to help prevent these types of injuries. Why should these leagues pay  players for injuries occurred playing a sport they love and are getting a degree or receiving high compensation.

I love sports and at the rate these lawsuits are occurring will end up eliminating sports all together. You may disagree with my thoughts and feelings and that is fine, but don't complain when our society is changed forever. Sports is an opportunity to stay out of trouble, improve academically, give life hope and a better life, stay physically fit and healthy , earn a living as a broadcaster or sports writer, etc. 

Sports is a risk, a risk every little kid is willing to take to be the next Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Adrian Peterson,    Ken Griffey Jr. and etc. I myself have had multiple concussions playing hockey and know that it is a dangerous and serious issue, but would take the risk to play at any College or Professional level. No one is forcing these kids or adults to play this game. If you don't want the risk of having brain injuries in the future, don't play! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 1: Vikings vs. Lions Preview

The Vikings travel to Detroit in week one and face the Detroit Lions in our NFC North Division. Has the roar been restored? The Common man sure thinks so! I might agree with the Common man on this, but not in week one. I think the Lions go from last in the division to competing for first this season. With the addition of Reggie Bush, makes this offense lethal. They won't meet again until week 17.

Vikings and the Lions have played a total of 103 games against each other, but the Vikings lead the series 68-33-2. Last season the Vikings finished at 10-6 and sneaked into the playoffs, the Lions had a horrible season with a 4-12 record.

Viktor Stars
1. Adrian Peterson is the best NFL Runningback and will create issues for the Lions. Our offense is run through Adrian and can turn negative yardage into 50 plus yard gains. Look for AP to come out with a chip on his shoulder.

2. Cordarrelle Patterson is an explosive young Wide Receiver who can exploit defenders. Look for Patterson to be a big piece of our success against the Lions.

3. Christian Ponder is the biggest question mark, but fans stick with him. He may start out slow, but will make plays in week one against a below average secondary.

Lions Stars
1. Calvin Johnson is the NFL's best Wide Receiver and will get lots of looks. He has been very successful against us in the past and will be tough to contain once again.

2. Matthew Stafford has more weapons from a year ago and will be difficult to frustrate.

3. Reggie Bush is the newest addition to this explosive offense and does so much out of the backfield. He could be a huge weapon in week one.

The Vikings must pressure Stafford and try to contain big plays from Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush. On Offense we must see Christian Ponder manage the game and spread the ball around to guys like Greg Jennings, Kyle Rudolph, Jerome Simpson, Cordarrelle Patterson and Jarius Wright. Ponder can be successful I believe if our offensive line creates holes for Peterson and can protect. Peterson should have a huge game and has had success against the Lions.

Vikings 31 Lions 24
Line: Lions -4.5

Next Game: vs. Chicago Bears

Minnesota Vikings Season Prediction

Week 1 at Detroit (W)
Week 2 at Chicago (W)
Week 3 vs Cleveland (W)
Week 4 vs Pittsburgh (L)
Week 5 BYE
Week 6 vs Carolina (W)
Week 7 at New York Giants (L)
Week 8 vs Green Bay (W)
Week 9 at Dallas (L)
Week 10 vs Washington (W)
Week 11 at Seattle (W)
Week 12 at Green Bay (L)
Week 13 vs Chicago (L)
Week 14 at Baltimore (W)
Week 15 vs Philadelphia (L)
Week 16 at Cincinnati (L)
Week 17 vs Detroit (W)

Overall: 9-7

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Where Do We Live?

I may go on a bit of a rant this morning, but seriously where do we live? Do we live in Green Bay or even Wisconsin? NO, we live in Minnesota! 

I am so sick of our media here in Minnesota these days. What I mean by this is two things.

First, I read the local sports section in our  newspapers every morning and everyday I see stories related to the Packers. Whether it is stories talking about Randall Cobb's, Bryan Bulaga's and Jordy Nelson's injury updates or Dujuan Harris being slotted as the number one Running back. Who cares? I know it's a business and I am sure it drives traffic to these struggling newspapers, but the business also is you are a local aka Minnesota newspaper company. So, write about Minnesota sports. Do you think the Milwaukee Journal writes stories about our Vikings players? How about the Chicago Tribune, do they have stories about Packer players? No! So why do we? All these so called sports writers here in Minnesota who write these dumb stories about other teams and other teams players need to go work for those other teams newspapers. Does anyone else get as bothered as I do? We even have Packer radio shows like on K-Fan called Packer Preview on Sunday mornings! Why? Do you think I want to listen to that? If Packer fans live here then they should tune into Packers talk out of Green Bay. What is wrong with this state? Or maybe I should say why do Vikings fans allow this? 

The second thing that drives me nuts is why is every so called Vikings sports writer and so called Vikings fan calling for Christian Ponders head? Do people not want him to be successful? It's his third NFL season and yes this is a big year for Ponder to prove he is an NFL starting Quarterback. But lay off him people! How would you feel going to work everyday and hearing people/media say you suck and can't make it with your company? Does that motivate you? Maybe for some of you it does, but some people aren't formed that way either. If you are a "true" Vikings fan stand behind your players! Cheer for them when they make plays and pick them up and cheer when they do make mistakes! No one is perfect, not even the Brady's, Manning's, Rodgers of the world. Media/so called fans back off the guy! Plus Matt Cassell is a backup for a reason, I don't see any of the other 31 teams in the NFL taking a chance with him as their starter. 

Long story short! Owwwwwwww! Skol Vikings!!!!

p.s. can you tell I had 3 cups of coffee this morning?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Vikings Game Changers!

The Minnesota Vikings need game changers and here are a few that are and could be.

Current Game Changers
#1 Adrian Peterson- Most explosive guy in the NFL, defenses fear this hard workhorse. Here is a guy who can make negative yards into 4 yard gains, 20 yard gains and 50 plus yard runs. He is so talented and can light up linebackers and the secondary. Adrian runs with a chip on his shoulder and wants to find the end zone every time he touches the ball.
#2 Jared Allen- This is a guy even at age 31 is still the most exciting player on the defense of side for this team. Coming off a 12 sack season look for Jared to get back to the high teens in sacks again this year. He plays with emotion and can create havoc for offensive coordinators.
#3 Harrison Smith- This hard hitting safety doesn't just make plays on the ball, he is a pounding hitting machine. Last season Smith had 3 interceptions and will only get better turning the ball over. He is a young leader in the secondary and will keep making big plays.
#4 Kyle Rudolph- Pro Bowl MVP last season should the league he could be the next best Tight End in this league. He is such a threat down the middle of the field with his big frame and hands. Look for Kyle to get more catches this season.
#5 Everson Griffen- Here is a part-time guy who is a freak! He had 8 sacks last season and only started one game. Griffen is all over the field and will continue to see more playing time on the defensive line. 
#6 Blair Walsh- Yes, he is a kicker! Blair is a true game changer who is consistent even with Field Goals over 50 plus yards. He made 10 Field Goals over 50 yards last season, tell me that doesn't count for a game changer?
#7 Chad Greenway- 96 tackles in 2012, 3 sacks, 1 int and 2 forced fumbles. Chad is a well rounded game changer and is big part to this defense.
#8 Matt Kalil- After a great rookie season, Matt is a big part to Adrian's and Ponder's success in 2013. He is so good at run blocking and creating massive holes for AP. 
#9 John Sullivan- One of the top Centers in this league manages the game so well. He can help Ponder succeed and give him great reads. He is so important to this team.
#10 Jerome Felton- Having a punishing Fullback who can create holes for a talented running back is huge. Adrian Peterson won't be as successful without Felton. 

Should Be Game Changers
#1 Christian Ponder- This is Ponder's third season and is a make or break year. I have faith that Christian Ponder will make promising strides forward. He needs to improve his footwork in the pocket when pressure arises and hit players downfield. Look for Ponder to make big plays in 2013.
#2 Chris Cook- He will step in as the number one Cornerback and must perform against some elite Wide Receivers like Brandon Marshall, Calvin Johnson and Jordy Nelson. We should see Chris make big plays whether its turning the ball over or breaking up passes.
#3 Greg Jennings- Having a veteran who can do so much is so important for Ponder. He can stretch the field, but is known for making big catches 5-10 yards down the field.
#4 Cordarrelle Patterson- Exciting player who can exploit defenses secondary! Fun to watch game changer who just needs time on the field.
#5 Brian Robison- He had 8.5 sacks last season and can get to the Quarterback and stop the run. Smart player with a high motor.
#6 Xavier Rhodes- Big frames rookie Cornerback who can make big plays and gets great position against Receivers.
#7 Erin Henderson- He should win the Middle Linebacker position and has the ability to do so much at that position. Break out season for Erin?
#8 Jarius Wright- Wright takes over the slot after Percy Harvin departure. Jarius has had a great Training Camp and is very talented. Don't expect him to be Percy, but he does have some skills that make him Percy like. 
#9 Jerome Simpson- Yes, I said Simpson! He is a big play athletic receiver who can make game changing plays deep. He needs to stay healthy and show he can compete on this roster.
#10 John Carlson- Having a second Tight End who can make plays in the NFL is deadly. If Carlson can stay healthy, he could create matchup problems for defenses. He needs to have more than 8 receptions this year, he is my wild card for a game changer. If he can stay on the field and contribute like he did in Seattle and get 5-6 touchdowns would be a game changer!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Patterson the next Jones?

The Vikings drafted what I think was the best Wide Receiver in this years draft in Cordarrelle Patterson. Is he the next Julio Jones in the NFL? He has attributes very similar to Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones. He has size, speed and the talent to be the next big play receiver in this league. His talent is more raw than Julio when he entered the league, but look for Cordarrelle to learn under a veteran in Greg Jennings the same way Julio Jones did with Roddy White. 

Cordarrelle Patterson is an athletic freak who can do so much for this offense. He is quick and has big play potential down the field, but he also is a threat in the middle of the field. He will be a lethal weapon for Christian Ponder and the Minnesota Vikings offense. 

Number #84 is back, but it is not Randy Moss. Don't compare him to Randy, he doesn't have the same attitude issues and won't be a fly guy. He can do more than Randy, but isn't as explosive down the field as Randy. Moss was nasty deep because of his speed, size but more importantly his adjustment to the ball. 

Vikings fans should be very excited about this guy and should not be disappointed if Leslie Frazier and Bill Musgrave slowly develop him into the offense. I think 800 yards and 5 touchdowns is a great first season for this rookie and anything more is exciting.

Keep an eye on Patterson when next weeks Pre-season games begin. He is going to be a big asset to this wide receiver corp.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vikings Training Camp

The Vikings will begin Training Camp in Mankato on Thursday and it should be very exciting. Coming off an impressive 10-6 season, the Vikings will re-group and build off a successful season from last year. We have lost some key players from last season like Percy Harvin and Antoine Winfield. You can't replace those guys, but we did add some key players this offseason in the draft and free agency.

The big question this training camp is how will Christian Ponder excel and at what level? We have added some talented individuals in Greg Jennings and Cordarelle Patterson who will give him more threats down field. We should see Kyle Rudolph hit the ground running after a Pro Bowl season last year, which will help Christian feel more comfortable behind Center.

The other major question is who will take the bull by the horns and secure the MLB position? I think Erin Henderson leads this battle going into camp, but don't be surprised to see Desmond Bishop make a push and steal this role. It should be an interesting competition to watch and it may not be settled by the end of training camp.

The third question is who will step up in the secondary? Chris Cook should show he is ready to be a true #1 corner, but keep an eye on rookie sensation Xavier Rhodes. Both guys are big framed guys who can shutdown big framed receivers. Josh Robinson is another guy who should be in the mix to be a #2 or #3 corner. He is much smaller compared to Cook and Rhodes, but has a relatively high ceiling. A.J. Jefferson and Jacob Lacey are other guys to watch.

The final question is the Wide Receiver Corp, who will land where? Greg Jennings was a great veteran addition to this young group and will be locked as our #1. The second spot will be a battle from Rookie playmaker Cordarelle Patterson and Jerome Simpson. In the slot look for Jarius Wright to win that job with his high motor and Percy like ability. Simpson needs to have a good camp or he could be on the chopping block, don't be surprised if the Vikings take a chance with him again this year especially at his inexpensive price tag.

This training camp should be exciting to watch with our new identity and seeing this offense stick to the Adrian Peterson plan! You can't go away from Adrian even though you have more weapons in the passing game. Adding Jennings and Patterson will just frustrate defenses because they will not be able to put 8-9 guys in the box against AP. Stay tuned to updates from training camp, I may even be blogging live from Mankato!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Desmond Bishop Signs With The Minnesota Vikings

Sorry for the late response to the signing of Desmond Bishop

The Minnesota Vikings signed ex Green Bay Packer Middle Linebacker Desmond Bishop to a one year deal. Justin Schneider and other Vikings fans might be excited, but I am still a little hesitant on how much Bishop will contribute. Can he stay healthy is the biggest question mark. Desmond has struggled with calf injuries and sat out all of the 2012 NFL season with a torn hamstring injury. I don't hate the signing because if he can stay healthy he adds competition in the middle with Erin Henderson and also adds depth at the linebacker position. The more proven players we add the better and competition is always good. Overall it was a no brainer signing and worse case scenario it doesn't work out.

Desmond Bishop if healthy:
-Provides great run support
-Pressures the quarterback
-Provides leadership
-Can make big plays and provide a spark to this young linebacker core

Desmond Bishop Must:
-Stay Healthy
-Improve his coverage skills both in man and zone defense

Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 NFL Power Rankings Before Pre-Season

1. Denver Broncos- This offense is legit with Peyton Manning healthy and with three special Wide Receivers in Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and newly acquired Wes Welker. Their Defense is pretty good as well. They will stay #1 unless some major injury.

2. San Francisco 49ERS- They will be without Michael Crabtree for most of the season, but did add Anquan Boldin. This Defense is nasty and will carry this team to many victories. If Colin Kaepernick can stay healthy this team has a shot at winning it all. Quinton Patton is a nice addition and could be a solid #2 Wideout.

3. Seattle Seahawks- The addition of Percy Harvin makes this offense even more scary. Russell Wilson is a special quarterback The Defense speaks for themselves.

4. Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan with Julio Jones and Roddy White makes this offense one of the best in the league. Don't forget about Tony Gonzales! This Defense must improve.

5. New Orleans Saints- They will bounce back with Sean Payton back. Look for Drew Brees to have a spectacular season. This Defense should improve and give them a shot at making a deep run in the playoffs.

6. New York Giants- The Giants are always risky, but Eli Manning can make this team a contender again.

7. New England Patriots- This has been an interesting offseason with Wes Welker gone and addition of Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski injuries and Aaron Hernandez in deep trouble. Can Coach Belicheck overcome all of this?

8. Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers loses one of his favorite wideouts in Greg Jennings and need his young receiving corp and running game to perform. This Defense is still a question mark! Eddie Lacy should be a stud behind Aaron Rodgers.

9.  Houston Texans- J.J. Watt is a stud and is such a dominate Defensive player who can make such huge plays. Will Andre Johnson regain his dominance? Can DeAndre Hopkins create a great #2 weapon for Schaub?

10. Cincinnati Bengals- Andy Dalton and A.J. Green are amazing, but need their Defense to step it up.

11. Minnesota Vikings- This might be a homer pick, but how can you not be excited on the direction they are heading? Christian Ponder needs to prove himself, but has some options in Greg Jennings, Cordarrelle Patterson, Kyle Rudolph and Jarius Wright. This Defense is young and is built upfront. Look for the Vikings to surprise critics this year. Can anyone stop Adrian Peterson?

12. Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck is the real deal and will only improve this season. The Defense must get better!

13. Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton is a big time threat and can do so much. Look for Brandon Lafell to step up and be a threat. This Defense must eliminate big plays.

14. Dallas Cowboys- Tony Romo got a new deal and the pressure will still be there, but look for him to take a step forward this season. Dez Bryant is a stud and has such big play ability! The Defense will be better, I promise!

15. Washington Redskins- Will RG3 be ready for week one? I doubt it, but if he is this team will jump up my rankings.

16. Chicago Bears- Brandon Marshall should have another huge season.
17. Baltimore Ravens- Defending Super Bowl Champs will struggle after key losses.
18. St. Louis Rams-Tavon Austin could give this offense the spark they need.
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Added Darrelle Revis which should make this defense improve.
20. Pittsburgh Steelers- Le'Veon Bell could be the next rookie running back to shine.
21. Detroit Lions- Adding Reggie Bush could be a nice addition.
22. Miami Dolphins- Adding Mike Wallace will make the Dolphins an interesting team.
23. San Diego Chargers- Phillip Rivers can make this team a top 20 team.
24. Philadelphia Eagles- Chip Kelly will try to provide some trick plays!
25. Cleveland Browns- Trent Richardson should improve and help this bad offense.
26. Kansas City Chiefs- They got the #1 overall NFL Draft pick in Eric Fisher, but still will struggle.
27. Arizona Cardinals- The addition of Ryan Swope should provide more production for Larry Fitzgerald.
28. Buffalo Bills- They took a reach to grab E.J. Manuel, will he step in and provide some support?
29. Tennessee Titans- Quarterback controversy?
30. New York Jets- Rex Ryan is on the hot seat!
31. Oakland Raiders- If Darren McFadden can stay healthy they have a shot at being a top 20 team.
32. Jacksonville Jaguars- Don't be shocked if they stink again.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


What do the Vikings have to prove this offseason to get Minnesota fans excited? Is the new Vikings stadium enough to do that? How about Cordarrelle Patterson? Adrian Peterson saying he is going to rush for 2,500 yards? 10-6 record last season? 

I will tell you what I am so stinking excited for the Minnesota Vikings to hit the field this season. It's the last season at Mall of America Field and that is something that gets me a bit giddy. Our franchise has a lot of good things going for them and the end of the era of the Hubert H. Metrodome/Mall of America Field is exciting. I have had so many great memories there from tailgating to watching our Vikings beat division rivals Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears. I have also seen my fair share of Playoff games, i remember buying fake scalped tickets for the Vikings vs. Green Bay game back in 2009. Seeing players play like Barry Sanders, Michael Vick with Atlanta, John Lynch, Brian Urlacher, Michael Strahan, Warren Sapp and of course my most hated Packer of all-time Brett Favre. I have seen so many great Vikings players like Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss, Daunte Culpepper, Cris Carter, Jared Allen, Gary Anderson, Matt Birk, Jeff Christy, Randall Cunningham, Ed McDaniel, Warren Moon, John Randle, Jake Reed, Robert Smith, Antoine Winfield, etc. As a Vikings fan I have also gone through a lot of tough times which I will not discuss due to the pain and tough memories. I also remember seeing Korey Stringer play, what a sad story. 

This year I am EXCITED probably just like every previous year, who doesn't love watching football on Sundays and now on Thursday's? Thanksgiving? Playoffs? Super Bowl? I live for every Vikings game and I love seeing everything that comes before the start of the regular season. I have never played football, so I don't know what it is like to step out on that field for practice or a game, but I do know I feel the excitement and emotion from the players. I honestly think about the Vikings probably more than most fans or matter of fact most players. I get nervous (I sweat a bit), excited and probably a little emotional. 

I am excited! This year is a new year and we start out 0-0, I will create new memories, new friends and Vikings fans and even create more enemies of Packer, Bears and Lions fans. Ok, maybe not Lions fans! How can you hate Lions fans? I feel bad for them probably more than anything. We have some great pieces in place with the BEST Runningback to ever play this game and yes I said ever in Adrian Peterson. We get to watch Jared Allen do a little calf roping and could be the last season we get to see him in Purple. We get to see other veterans like Chad Greenway and Kevin Williams. We get to watch Kyle Rudolph and the "Ice Auger" and Brian Robison. We also get to see guys who are rookies and if they will have an immediate impact like Cordarrelle Patterson, Xavier Rhodes, Sharif Floyd, etc. We get to see an old division rival wear Purple in Greg Jennings, "that's pretty neat". We also get to see if Christian Ponder is the answer at QB and can take the next step or not. 

Vikings fans, if you aren't a little excited after reading this you better look into the mirror and determine if you are truly a Vikings fan or not. To all my Vikings fans out there prepare for another fun season and "get your purple on". THE SEASON HAS ALREADY STARTED!!! Skol Vikes, Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vikings OTA's

What to look for during OTA's.

#1 Linebacker position: We know Chad Greenway is a lock at the Strong Side Linebacker spot. In the Middle we will need to keep our eyes on a few guys who could make an impact at this position. I think it's Erin Henderson's spot to lose, but keep an eye on guys like Audie Cole, Michael Mauti and Tyrone McKenzie. Audie Cole had a great pre-season last year and has the ability to make game changing plays, but lacks size and experience. Michael Mauti is built like a true Middle Linebacker, but is a rookie and has injury concerns. Tyrone McKenzie has been in the NFL since 2009 and still hasn't made an impact, so why is it going to happen in 2013? On the Weak Side spot look for Gerald Hodges our fourth round pick in 2013 NFL Draft to play that role. Also, look for Audie Cole or maybe even Larry Dean to compete.

#2 Wide Receiver position: Greg Jennings is our #1 WR, who is #2, #3, #4, etc? Look for Jerome Simpson and Cordarrelle Patterson compete for the #2 spot opposite Jennings. I hope Patterson wins this battle! At slot look for Jarius Wright to snab this role. Who will battle for depth? Simpson? Joe Webb? Greg Childs? Stephen Burton? Chris Summers? Rodney Smith? I think we will see some competition, it may not be elite competition, but it's competition. Two names stick out as possible cuts in Joe Webb and Jerome Simpson because of contracts. They both will be given a chance, but both will have a target on them this offseason.

#3 Cornerback position: We could see a lot of shuffling this offseason. Do we have a #1 or #2 corner? I hope Xavier Rhodes is the real deal and can be our #1 guy, but that is a lot to ask of from a rookie. Chris Cook has the size to be a good corner in the NFL, but must prove he has what it takes. Josh Robinson, Jacob Lacey, A.J. Jefferson, Brandon Burton, Bobby Felder and Marcus Sherels will compete for a roster spot. I will definitely keep an eye on these names during OTA's, mini camp and preseason.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Vikings Stadium is great for Minnesota

The Minnesota Vikings unveiled their new Stadium tonight and omg it is stunning. This 65,000 seat NFL Stadium is a "People's Stadium". The new look is unbelievable with all the windows and massive doors that will open for a outdoor feel. This state of the art stadium has everything from impressive technology for the fans experience and the ability to host some of the largest events in the World such as Super Bowls, Final Fours, concerts and much more. This new stadium could be one of the most versatile facilities in the World. I am so excited for the Vikings and the State of Minnesota and what this means for Minneapolis. This stadium will create development opportunities for businesses and restaurants. Minneapolis and the Minnesota Vikings have an amazing future and I am proud to be apart of this fan base. 

Here are a few images!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NFC North Draft Recap- Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears

I've already graded the Vikings draft as an "A-" in my latest blog titled Overview of Vikings Draft. So what about the rest of the NFC North teams? Who else came out as "Winners" with the Vikings?

Green Bay Packers
Let's start with our hated rivals the Green Bay Packers. The Packers organization made a bunch of trades during the draft and were willing to grab a ton of draft picks by doing so. Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers get a solid "B" in this years draft.

The Packers in the first round took a player Datone Jones DT from UCLA who some had as the biggest sleeper and others had in round 2 and a reach as a first round pick. Drafting Datone could be exactly what the Packers need to bolster their 3-4 defense. He is quick and will put pressure on whoever has the ball. His downside is that he still raw and veteran offensive lineman will make him look silly.

In the second round the Packers got a guy they were willing to take in round 1 and fell to them in round 2, RB Eddie Lacy from Alabama. Lacy could be another elite runner in this league as he can punish defenders with his big body and quick moves. His major concern is the toe injury reportedly turf toe, but others think it could be more serious then just an ordinary turf toe. Don't expect Eddie to get 20 carries a game and be another Adrian Peterson, but if he is half as good as AP he could really boost the Packers offense.

Other Picks
4th rd- OT David Bakhtiari, Colorado
4th rd- OT J.C. Tretter, Cornell
4th rd- RB Johnathan Franklin, UCLA
5th rd- FS Micah Hyde, Iowa
5th rd- DT Josh Boyd, Mississippi State
6th rd- LB Nate Palmer, Illinois State
7th rd- WR Charles Johnson, Grand Valley State
7th rd- WR Kevin Dorsey, Maryland
7th rd- OLB Sam Barrington, South Florida

Detroit Lions
The up and coming Lions need to keep getting younger and add talent on both sides of the ball. The Detroit Lions and General Manager Martin Mayhew get a "C" in this years draft. I believe the Lions needed to add a top tier Left Tackle because Jeff Backus a 12 year career retired and also a top 10 Wide Receiver who can play opposite Calvin Johnson. They got neither, but they did add some decent young talent in other positions of need.

With the Lions first round and 5th overall pick they took DE from Brigham Young Ezekiel Ansah. Ezekiel is an athletic freak who is a huge playmaker and was a nice pick after the top 3 Tackles were taken, they also needed a pass rusher since Vanden Bosch and Avril are gone. He could be the next Pierre-Paul, this guy has elite speed and could create matchup problems for offensive coordinators. He is still pretty raw and will need to develop in the preseason.

The Lions then took CB Darius Slay out of Mississippi State. Slay is a great pickup for the Lions who lack cornerback depth. He is so good at breaking passes up and will at times make Wide Receivers draw penalties because he will frustrate receivers by being so aggressive trying to make a play on the ball. He lacks size with a smaller frame, but should bulk up and be a true #1 corner.

3rd rd- OG Larry Wargord, Kentucky
4th rd- DE Devin Taylor, South Carolina
5th rd- P Sam Martin, Appalachian State
6th rd- WR Corey Fuller, Virginia Tech
6th rd- RB Theo Riddick, Notre Dame
7th rd- TE Michael Williams, Alabama
7th rd- ILB Brandon Hepburn, Florida A&M

Chicago Bears
The Chicago Bears and General Manager Phil Emery made a lot of noise in the NFL Draft this year and I think the only noise they made were boos. The Chicago fans would probably agree they get a "D-" in this years NFL Draft. They needed to get younger on defense with a new MLB, CB's and also needed to add depth at Wide Receiver and the Offensive Line.

With the first pick the Bears made a risky and stunning pick and selected OL Kyle Long from Oregon. Long is very raw and is a project type player who should of been taken in the second day of the draft. The Chicago Bears must of liked his athletic ability, but they reached on this pick. He lacks experience and needs to learn quickly because he may be the starting Left Guard.

In the second round the Bears drafted Jonathon Bostic LB from Florida. More Boos? Chicago reached again for this selection and should of tried trading up to get Manti Te'o or something better than Bostic like Arthur Brown. He lacks a lot of things such as speed, play recognition, coverage skills and takes bad angles. He has some up side but needs to improve quickly to play at the next level.

4th rd- OLB Khaseem Greene, Rutgers
5th rd- OT Jordan Mills, Louisiana Tech
6th rd- DE Cornelius Washington, Georgia
7th rd- WR Marquees Wilson, Washington State

Monday, April 29, 2013

Overview of Vikings Draft

The Minnesota Vikings get an A- during the NFL Draft. Of course the Vikings hit it big with three first round draft picks in Sharrif Floyd DT from Florida, CB Xavier Rhodes from Florida State and WR Cordarrelle Patterson Tennessee. I believe each one of these guys can make an immediate impact this year.

Rick Spielman lost out on some good talent in rounds 2-3 by trading away picks to New England to grab Patterson. Cordarrelle must be a home run pick in order for this draft to become an A or A+.

The Vikings then in the fourth round drafted Gerald Hodges a Linebacker out of Penn State. Hodges has good football IQ and instincts. He is a solid fourth round pick with some upside. He needs to improve his man coverage skills and speed. He is a very good tackler and can play very well in zone defense.

With their fifth round pick the Vikings drafted Punter Jeff Locke from UCLA. The Vikings loved this guy before the draft and might of reached a bit for him, but I am sure are excited to have a guy with such a huge leg and accuracy. Look for the Vikings to either trade or cut current Punter Chris Kluwe.

In the sixth round the Minnesota Vikings selected Jeff Baca UCLA Guard. Jeff is a guy who should fit our scheme well and has the ability to play Guard and Tackle. He has great pass blocking skills and needs to improve moving big defensive lineman in run blocking.

With the seventh round the Vikings get Linebacker Michael Mauti. Mauti is all around good in the run and passing game. He tackles well and has good instincts. Michael has injury issues over the years that has limited his productivity and must prove he can still play football at a high level.

Also in the seventh round the Vikings take Travis Bond OL North Carolina. Travis can play either Guard or the Tackle position and needs to improve his footwork and hands. He adds depth to this line and could possibly fill in if the line has injury issues.

Yes, the Vikings also got another seventh round pick in Everett Dawkins DT from Florida State. Dawkins isn't a very big defensive tackle and needs to put on some weight to play at the next level. He has a quick first step and could be a surprising seventh round pick.

Overall the Minnesota Vikings filled some major holes on offense and defense and even picked up a Special teams stud. Rick Spielman always says you can't grade a draft until after 3 years, so as of now I give it an A- and I hope this draft class will be better than that. We can't afford to not have our first round picks not live up to expectation and we need to have found some gems with our late round picks.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Vikings Draft Weekend Prediction

The Vikings will be silent rounds 2 and 3, but who knows Rick Spielman might trade up to snag another pick in either round. The Vikings still need to draft a Linebacker and I don't think we will have a shot at guys like Mani Te'o or Arthur Brown. Here are a few players the Minnesota Vikings should consider drafting this weekend.

Linebacker Kevin Reddick from North Carolina- Kevin could step right in and be a productive Linebacker. He is well rounded and can make big tackles, cover and pass rush.

Wide Receiver Ryan Swope Texas A&M- Ryan is a nice slot receiver who can make defenders miss, he is quick and has great hands.

Tyranna Mathieu CB LSU- The "Honey Badger" is still available and could fall to round 4, but Spielman may have to move up to round 3 to get him. I really would love taking a chance on a guy like this who is such a great player. Of course he has off the field issues, but would be a game changer if can shy away from off the field issues.

Punter Jeff Locke from UCLA- Spielman and the Vikings have had interest in Locke and could be taken in the 6th round.

J.C. Tretter Offensive Lineman from Cornell- He is a player who can play either Tackle or the Guard position. We need depth on the line and to get someone who can fill in and do what he is asked to do.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

1st round = A+

The Minnesota Vikings and Rick Spielman drafted some great players tonight who can step in and make a huge difference!

With the 23rd pick the Vikings got a top 5 pick Sharrif Floyd DT. This guy is a stud and I am so surprised he fell to us and was a must pick guy at #23. He will fit in nicely next to Kevin Williams and will provide pressure in the middle.

#25 The Vikings take Xavier Rhodes out of Florida State. This was another quick decision by Spielman and his staff, I thought for sure Indianapolis was going to take him at #24. He is a great addition to our secondary!

The Vikings then traded a lot to move up and take Cordarrelle Patterson WR out of Tennessee. Yes, we gave up a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th round pick, but man this guy has a lot of upside and gives Ponder another weapon on offense.

The Vikings get an A+ and fill 3 holes on this squad. We got guys who dropped to us and Rick Spielman got excited and so did I. I don't even care what happens round 2-7, we got 3 guys who can make a big difference and Vikings fans should be so pumped!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Who's Wearing Purple?

Let me breakdown what to expect Thursday night.

The Minnesota Vikings currently have the 23rd and 25th pick in this years NFL draft. Who will they select? Who will be wearing purple? Rick Spielman has been pretty successful drafting players who fit our system, last year he drafted LT Matt Kalil with the 4th overall pick and was a huge addition to our offensive line. Rick then traded to snag Safety Harrison Smith with the 29th overall pick in the first round. Both first round picks were huge contributors last season. Can they repeat a successful first round draft this year?

Scenario 1:
I think the Vikings will do whatever they can to grab WR Cordaralle Patterson from Tennessee with the 23rd pick. He will be a huge addition to this slim wide receiver corp. Patterson reminds me of Demaryius Thomas of Denver, he can do so much off the line and can create space from his first steps. He is a big target who can run slants, screens, posts, quick routes, drag routes, etc. His hands are above average but tends to use his body a bit too much. If you can get him the ball in open space he can make defenders miss and go the distance. Cordaralle would be a great #2 wideout opposite Greg Jennings, he can learn from Greg on how to find holes in the defense. I would absolutely be a fan of this pick and could be a nice offensive weapon.

With the 25th overall pick the Vikings will be in a tough position. I feel the two guys they wanted here were CB Xavior Rhodes of Florida State but will probably be selected 24th overall to the Colts and DT Sylvester Williams will be taken earlier by Dallas. I see the Vikings then trading this pick to the New York Jets who will trade their 39th overall pick and a mid round pick to move up and jump ahead of Green Bay to draft Alabama RB Eddie Lacey. The Vikings don't want the Packers to get a guy like Lacey and would be willing to trade back and get someone like S Matt Elam from Florida at #39. Matt Elam is a stud! Big hitting guy who is versatile and a game changer.

Scenario 2
Rick Spielman will snag CB Desmond Trufant from Washington with the #23rd pick. Trufant could fall to them her and would get a fantastic corner here who has all the making of being a solid #1 cornerback. He is lean, but has the ability to be physical with run support and can make Qaurtebacks look away from his side of the field. He is a true playmaker who can fight for the ball and is known for defending passes and occasionally making turnovers. If he is anything like his brothers the Vikings shouldn't pass on him.

With the #25th pick the Minnesota Vikings will solidify their void at Middle Linebacker and draft Manti Te'o. I know he has issues and didn't play well in the National Championship, but Manti is a guy who has a Ray Lewis feel. If he is in the right situation and locker room he could be a fantastic pick at #25. Many Vikings fans may disagree with my take on Te'o and I think he will show critics he is a franchise linebacker. I think he would fit great with Chad Greenway and Chad would give Manti the ability to take chances getting to the Quarterback and Runningbacks. I don't know how great of a coverage linebacker he will be going against elite TE's. He has quick feet and has great instincts on the football field.

Scenario 3
Vikings trade #23rd pick to Tennessee and get the #40th pick in the second round. I think the Titans want to jump up and grab WR Robert Woods. The Vikings then would take LB Arthur Brown from Kansas State at #40. Arthur Brown would be a good value early in the second round and would give Frazier a solid Linebacker who can do so much in run support and coverage. Brown is a high motor guy who would solidify a major hole in this defense.

With the 25th pick Minnesota would take CB D.J. Hayden from Houston. D.J. has been medically cleared after a life threatening heart issue when he tore a major vein in his heart. He is explosive with top end speed and is so good at making big plays. He could be the best corner in this draft and would be a steal at #25. I love this guy and his heartbreaking story!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Minnesota Vikings Draft Insider

Can you believe it's almost here! The Minnesota Vikings head into this year’s draft with the 23rd and 25th pick in the first round. Look for the Vikings to make some trades Thursday night to move back and get more picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. This is a very deep draft at certain positions and the Vikings must find value in rounds 1-4. They could also move up to grab a guy like Tavon Austin, but I don't see the Vikings trading draft picks to move up. Areas of needs are WR, CB, S, LB, DT and you can never use enough depth on the offensive line. Here are some guys I see the Vikings willing to take at 23rd or the 25th pick.

WR Cordarrelle Patterson (Tennessee)-If he is there at #23, we can't pass on a guy with this much upside. Patterson is a playmaker who can stretch the field and also has the speed to create separation at the line of scrimmage in the slot. He makes the loss of Percy Harvin hurt far less.

CB Xavier Rhodes (Florida St.)-He is a guy who can also fill a huge whole in this secondary with a loss of Antoine Winfield. Our cornerback position needs help and Xavier can step right in and make a difference.

LB Kevin Minter (LSU)-Minter isn't flashy, but the bottom line he can tackle, cover and makes outstanding reads. He could be a franchise type middle linebacker the Vikings need.

 LB Arthur Brown (Kansas St.)-Arthur is all over draft boards and some have him going in the mid-1st round and some have him going mid-late second round. I don't know about you, but I love this guy. He can flat out make plays and has the speed to bring pressure and also has the ability to drop back in coverage. The Minnesota Vikings need a linebacker who is has this versatility.

DT Sylvester Williams (North Carolina)-I don't know if he will be there at #23, a lot of teams are starting to fall in love with Williams. He is an outstanding defensive tackle who can create havoc in the middle. Maybe the Vikings will get lucky and have another "Williams Wall"! He also would be a replacement for an aging Kevin Williams.

WR DeAndre Hopkins (Clemson)-Hopkins is a deep threat who can adjust well to the ball and make big plays. He does lack the ability to break on cuts, but does find holes in coverage.

Guys I would enjoy seeing the Vikings getting a chance to grab in the 2nd or 3rd round.

S Matt Elam (Florida)-I think Matt Elam would be a great addition and would be great to see playing next to Harrison Smith. He lacks height, but Elam is a guy who can play up on the line and rush the QB and also can be a big time hitter in run support and in coverage.

WR Keenan Allen (Cal)-I like Keenan and I also liked him much more a month ago. I wouldn't hate drafting him; I just think he has the potential of being a bust in the NFL. I hope I am wrong!

S D.J. Swearinger (South Carolina)-If you can't land Elam, take D.J. He does things very similar to Elam but just isn't Matt Elam.

CB Tyrann Mathieu (LSU)-High Risk = High Reward! I know I would love to get "Honey Badger"; I don't care about his past. The guy can flat out play the game of football! Yes, he may have a lot of issues off the field, but I guarantee you when Sunday comes he will show up to play! If he had no issues off the field, he is a top 5 pick!

DT John Jenkins (Georgia)-Nearly 350 lbs., he plugs the middle and moves pretty well. Look at this beast, if he can provide run support I don't know who can.

Sleepers we can get late in the draft

CB B.w. Webb (William & Mary)-Talk about a shutdown corner, Webb is known for his great coverage skills and would be a great addition to the Vikings secondary.

WR Ryan Swope (Teaxs A&M)-Replacement for Percy Harvin, he has the competitive nature and isn't scared to work the middle of the field.

LB Kevin Reddick (North Carolina)-Reddick is a hard hitting linebacker who has great speed and closing ability. He can make big plays as a strong run defender and is NFL ready.

DT Nicholas Willams (Samford)-Big frame guy who is raw and needs development, but can be a big presence up front and has the ability to be a solid run stopper.

Overall the Minnesota Vikings need to hit on draft picks and need to fill some holes both offensively and defensively. Look for Rick Spielman to be creative and make some trades again this year to improve this roster. Spielman could also look at trading RB Toby Gerhart if the right value is there. It should be an exciting weekend and look I look forward to the Vikings to be aggressive and draft players that can step right in and make a difference immediately.