Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ponder vs. Cassel?

Ok Vikings fans I have been asked by many of you to breakdown Christian Ponder vs. Matt Cassel. So here is my breakdown and feel free to comment.

Christian Ponder
Christian is in his third season in the NFL and has struggled over the last three years. He has strengths, but also has many weaknesses. What I like about Ponder is that he is a young Quarterback who is very mobile and should be able to make plays because of his mobility. As a mobile Quarterback Ponder has struggled on the move throwing the ball and that doesn't allow him to take advantage of his strength being mobile. Christian hasn't been successful for many reasons due to his pocket presence and the lack of protection he has gotten. He lacks arm strength, accuracy and being a game manager. This is his third season like I said and he should progress this season and has not done enough with his progression to this point in the season. 

Matt Cassel
Matt is a game manager who isn't elite, but can make big plays down the field with his arm strength. Cassel has struggled over the last few years being consistent and making accurate throws. He isn't a very mobile Quarterback and is a pure pocket passer. He plays with emotion and is a good leader.

The Vikings coaches and staff have a tough decision to make on who will start in week 6 against the Carolina Panthers. I think Matt Cassel deserves to start another game based on his performance Sunday vs. Pittsburgh. I believe it should be Cassel's job to lose based on how Christian Ponder has played this season and over the last two seasons. I feel like if Cassel struggles or gets injured Ponder should get the starting job back. If that does happen hopefully Ponder can have better poise and play with a sense of urgency. Both Cassel and Ponder are on a short leash! Who ever is under Center I will cheer for because I want the Vikings to put the best product on the field and see our Quarterback succeed.

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