Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 7 Post Game Vikings vs. Giants

Wow, wow, wow!!! Did I say wow? 

We got embarrassed on Monday Night Football on National television. I'm not embarrassed because lost to a Giants team that was 0-6, it's because we looked pathetic! We were out coached again, out hustled and out played by a bad team. Everything went wrong last night! We couldn't run, we couldn't block, we couldn't pass, we couldn't hold onto the ball, we couldn't catch, we couldn't tackle and we couldn't hit field goals!!! That was by far the worst game I have ever seen us play. 

I'm so frustrated with this coaching staff. We started the game with a bad coaching decision and that was we won the coin toss, deferred and let New York start with the ball on Offense. We haven't played well enough on defense to make that decision. Why would you make that decision? The coaching staff also called similar play calls on two third down plays. Then we punted the ball on the Giants 35 yard line! The result was a net 15 yards after the ball was punted in the end zone for a touchback. Frazier needs to be fired! Musgrave should be next! Alan Williams should be next! Our coaching staff is boring and haven't shown any progression and are regressing.

Let me try to evaluate Josh Freeman on his first start. Josh at times looked comfortable under pressure, but then made some poor decisions as the game went on. He was pressured often and when he did have little time over threw receivers constantly. I wasn't expecting Freeman to have a fantastic game based on the situation, but he didn't do much in the situation. Can't blame just Josh, no protection and little time to create chemistry with receivers. I'm not going to panic with Josh Freeman, he is our best option at Quarterback and hope he can get better each week. I don't want to hear people wanting Ponder to start! Remember when people wanted Ponder benched for Cassel? 

Our running game wasn't good and lot of that is due to 9 guys in the box and our lack of run blocking. Our offensive line is so bad. It's not Adrian's fault he is getting hit behind the line of scrimmage constantly.

Our defense once again couldn't make plays. We had two dropped interceptions, our cornerbacks were burned and couldn't defend a pass. The one individual that looked good was Linebacker Erin Henderson who had 12 tackles and a sack. 

Our Special teams lost two fumbles and hurt any chance we had to stay in this game.

We are now 1-5 and have so many holes and things to fix on Offense, Defense and Special teams. This team is heading in the wrong direction and our veterans need to step up and take charge. We know our coaches aren't capable! Vikings fans it's not easy losing, it sucks but be a fan and support the Vikings during this time. If you want to jump off the bandwagon do it, but I don't want to hear you when we are successful again. It's football people, can't always be on top. BleedPurpleYearInYearOut!!! 

Next Opponent
Vikings (1-5) vs. Packers (4-2)

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