Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 6 Postgame Vikings vs. Panthers

Wow!!! Words can't even explain how bad we played on Sunday, but I will do my best to explain what happened. 

What happend? We got shell shocked by not Michaelangelo, but by Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers 35-10. Let's first talk about out defense that couldn't tackle, defend a pass or pressure the QB. Why can't we defend a pass? We need to stop playing zone defense for one and start playing more man coverage. Josh Robinson looks miserable, he is getting picked on and cannot make a play. Our secondary is so bad and has to be one of the worst in the NFL at this moment. We couldn't pressure Cam and he scrambled and threw the ball well as he went 20-26 with 242 yards 3 TD's, 0 Int's and had 30 yards rushing with a score. We let up 131 yards on the ground total. Overall our defense looks horrific and we are getting picked apart. Who's fault is it? Do you blame Alan Williams the defensive coordinator? Joe Woods defensive backs coach? Or is it Leslie Frazier? I say it's D All the above.

Offensively we looked just as bad as the defense. We couldn't run block, pass block, our Quarterback play was brutal and our receivers dropped passes and couldn't get open. Did I mention our play calling was conservative and we didn't execute at all! We found out Matt Cassel isn't the answer as he made some bad throws which sailed over receivers heads into defenders hands. All the Ponder haters who wanted Matt Cassel because he was the answer were wrong. Is it the Quarterbacks fault we lost? Not all the blame should go on Cassel because he didn't get any pass protection and because of that had to make some poor throws. Why is our offensive line so bad? What happened to a line that was progressing last season? 

To be honest, I don't know who to blame! It starts I think with Leslie Frazier and the coaching staff and the schemes. Frazier and his staff should all be on the hot seat, Leslie is not the answer to coach this team. He lacks emotion and leadership, someone needs to get mad and I mean mad as hell out there. Losing sucks and we need to make some changes to personnel and this coaching staff. I don't know if it will be trading guys like Jared Allen, Kevin Williams or anyone else who is in a contract year and getting draft picks. Something has to happen! Someone light a fire under this team, I hope Josh Freeman is the answer but how can he be if we can't protect him and give him time in the pocket. 

We are now 1-4 and need a miracle to this season around. We have been out coached and out played in almost every game this season. We now travel to New York and face an 0-6 Giants team, if we don't win this game Frazier will and should be fired if he isn't fired before today is over.

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