Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 8 Post Game Vikings vs. Packers

My purple depression just won't go away! It was a devastating loss on Sunday night vs our hated rivalry Green Bay Packers. We are looking worse and worse as the season goes on. We can't stop anyone and we can't be productive on offense. We got embarrassed again and lost 44-31 to the Pack. We had opportunities to be competitive and kept shooting ourselves in the foot. 

Our defense is one of the worst in the league and once again couldn't stop the opponents offense. We lack pressure, tackling and coverage. Our front four had underperformed again and let Aaron Rodgers do whatever he wanted behind the line. Our corners and secondary couldn't tackle and couldn't cover on every play. We let the Packers score on every drive and never forced them into a punt, which is awful. That is embarrassing! Again the only player who shined again was Erin Henderson. He plays with emotion and gets after the ball well.

Our offense again couldn't get any rythem with Christian Ponder under center. Ponder and Jennings couldn't stay on the same page and Ponder struggled to find open receivers and looked horrible under pressure. Adrian never had a chance to be productive again due to falling behind and lack of blocking. 

Our Special teams looked good early after Cordarrelle Patterson returned another kickoff for a touchdown. The Packers opened up the game after they returned a punt for a touchdown and that was the ball game which put this game out of reach.

It's been a tough 7 games as we now fall to 1-6. We know Ponder isn't the answer again and will probably look for Freeman to step back in as our Quarterback going forward. Our schemes, play calls and coaching has not been impressive, but the lack of effort has been the most disappointing. We gave up over 180 yards on the ground and let the Packers control the entire game. We must move forward and fix all of our issues fast, it looks like it could be a long season. Vikings Nation stay strong and our Vikings need our support.

Next Opponent
Dallas Cowboys 4-4

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